Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A reminder - wonders never cease!

 I wrote this many  months ago and MANY read it.   It needs to be posted again -- Jesus has already taken the stripes - and we are healed.   Now since I have written this -- my sweet sister in Christ has continued to battle with the 'cancer' that seems to still be at bay within her body.  And, there are a community of believers  praying and believing that indeed  - they  are thanking God for her victory.

But I must say this.   Maybe it will take the doctor's giving up so that God's miracle and healing can be visible to us here on earth....?  Maybe?     I believe in God's Word.  Jesus confessed God's Word all the time while he was on earth.  So, I believe that NO weapon formed against my sweet Sister in Christ will prevail.  I believe that what was prophesied over her -- will still come into fruition.

Call me crazy -- but I am thanking God ...not begging God to heal her.
I am thanking God for the healing that was given to all of us on Calvary.
 I am believing  that indeed -- my pal "Pookie" will indeed walk back into those doctor's offices and they will only be able to say -- "THAT was God!"

And I am believing that what was prophesied over her ( read the rest of this blog ) will indeed come into fruition!

Who is with me??

God wants this for us -- we must step into our healing -- it has already been done!  


I am going to try and ask Holy Spirit to truly take over my fingers as this morning I had such a sweet  and incredible time with  Jesus, God,  and Holy Spirit that right now -- I am still shaking a bit.

Not to freak anyone out -- but, these Jesus High's that He allows me to experience are tremendous.  I know they could come daily -- but am I really ready for that?    I watched a video last night about ECSTATIC prayer .... or maybe it was ecstatic intercession ....it does not matter right now.

(I also realize that my work schedule does not allow me to have many days where I just devote 6-8 hours in prayer and being with HIM.  Today -- my day off, I had the time. )

Back to the video....

What I came away asking God about was this... 

"Could I really pray for 6-8 hours?"....And THEN..."would I experience YOUR presence Lord in such a way that YOUR glory spilled out and all over -- everything and everyone?"  

Prayer with out ceasing -- that is scriptural and I believe He has taught me how to do that -- it is by the way I live, the way I act, and by placing HIM first in each and every moment, situation, and circumstance.  --- Even in the profound stuff, even in the awkward stuff , and even in the stuff I don't understand.  He is first.

CUE...the Lauren Daigle song "FIRST" ----

Ok, back to the focus of this blog -  Wonders Never Cease- I believe I had to share that intro to let you know that what I am about to claim and believe is kind of HARD for me to put down in public/print.

 'Cause, what if I am wrong? 

 What if God does not allow this prayer, this vision, and this to come into fruition??

As I say that and as I type, God gave me 3 confirmations  already today -- which gives me courage and boldness to go ahead and claim a healing.


 And  further still, if what I believe and pray will happen does not come into fruition - I am still praising and claiming God WON.  Period.

Let me refresh your memory, below is part of a blog I posted on November 1st, 2015, I realize that this is a LONG read and you may have read this already; ok, but allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read and join with me in believing that again tomorrow -- the doctor's will be astounded as to what they see from those scans! 

Today, my husband and I had  the privilege to visit a local body of believers and stand with a young lady and her husband  who is battling cancer for the 4th time.  It started 10 years ago, she has replacement parts in her leg and shoulder.   She had beaten Cancer each and every time.  She has  even had a portion of her skull removed.  Tomorrow she undergoes a reconstruction surgery  at the area where the skull was removed but they will also remove a new spot of her skull, above her ear.    Cancer.  And, a follow up report from last week has revealed that new cancer is in 7 of her vertebrae.  It certainly seems -- from a 'human' perspective -- HOW on earth can she battle this?   

I think about Noah and how God spoke to him and asked him to build an ark.  I wonder if Noah asked, HOW? 

I think about Mary as she saw the angel of the Lord  and did she say,  "HOW are you going to do this My Lord?"

I think about Esther and her story in the bible and in those  moments, when she saw Mordecai  in sack cloth and he said to her -- ( I am paraphrasing ) --  "Don't think you were not created for such a time as this....don't think that you will escape death too --   God will do what HE is going to do - but what are YOU going to do?"  She had not been called to see the King in over 30 days.  She had her position because of her beauty -- but that could not save her people.  Only God could....  

And tonight I think about a very fine young man and his wife and how tomorrow a decision is going to be made.  I know that we bring about our own consequences when we  make  our choices, but I also know that we serve and are loved by a  Mighty Father, a Father  of second chances and that God searches our hearts and I believe HE wants to give us the desires of our heart! Tomorrow,   an event will transpire and several  have been in prayer with them  and for them for some time now,  and I wonder ...Lord, HOW are you going to fix or solve this...?  What will transpire? 

Let me share with you some words that Beth shared in this study ...

 We are not God.
We are not responsible. 
When we feel like Jr. god's... we feel responsible -- we are not.  

TRUST reverses the detours of adversity into the highways of destiny!  

Trust...  Trust...  Trust!  

 The Lord knows how to" rescue the godly from trials and to keep the unrighteous under punishment until the day of judgment".   ( 2 Peter 2.9)  

For He "knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust."   Psalm 103.14

We are human.
We are not God.
We are not responsible.

He calls us to be obedient.
He asks us to follow HIS Word.
He asks us to pray but then we TRUST....

I trust God. 
God will do the HOW. 
I will PRAISE God that our visit today to Rebekah's church was a united visit --  my husband and me.  Our daughter and her husband joined us! 

I will believe and thank God for Rebekah's miracle -- that when they run tests again in a few weeks -- the doctor's will be dumbfounded ...as that cancer is gone.  I know My Lord can do that.  I know HE will if that is HIS purpose and Will for Rebekah and her husband.  I believe Jared is going to play a major role within this healing....as the prayers of a husband for his wife as he calls upon the Power of the Holy Spirit residing in him.....will invoke a supernatural healing through Christ... God is going to get this glory within this and Jared will testify to many of his generation that -- marriage is God's design for a man and woman and God wants our young people to be obedient and not 'play around' that the institution of marriage is indeed - God's design.  Rebekah has access to all of the gifts God gave her and  Rebekah's faith is keeping her strong.  She has supernatural faith - that is a dynamic gift.  I believe God will heal her -  She knows that no matter what -- Jesus is with her. 

All of us are only one breath away from heaven or hell.  When I look in Rebekah's eyes --  I see a fighter.  I believe God will heal her and I am going to beg HIM that it is on THIS side of heaven.  But, I  TRUST God ....God has faith in Rebekah -- that through her -- MANY will come to know the true relationship ....that HIS CROSS has to be enough.  But I also know, God will give Rebekah and Jared  the desires of their  hearts....  I trust God.  

And to my precious daughter and her husband...and to my precious Rebekah and her husband.....

"When, because of YOUR faith, your life too becomes perceptibly different: when YOUR reactions are quite opposite to what the situation seems to call for and YOUR activities can no longer be explained in terms of your personality:  that is when YOUR neighborhood will sit up and take notice.  In the eyes of the world, it is not our RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ that counts: it is our RESEMBLANCE to HIM!".     

Now, let me share with you an update.
That particular doctor's visit did give results.  Results that her cancer was not gone, that is had spread and that more treatments would be needed.

Since then, I have prayed with Pookie several times, visited her in the hospital and even laughed with her last Saturday and at each and every visit - she does not look like a cancer patient to me, nor a victim.  The lack of hair may give you an inkling but her spirit, her smile, and her faith tells me and shows me - she is a cancer survivor.    Period.

She was placed into a clinical trial and those doctor's felt that everything she was doing with her current medical team was perfect and to continue.  So -- scans were taken this past week and tomorrow -- she will get results.  No clinical trial  - just continued treatment.

This is the HARD part to post - but not really, as I am trusting God. 

I believe Rebekah is going to be a mom.  I believe children are in her future.  I believe she and her husband will use this experience to remind everyone they speak to ...that knows them....to be obedient to HIM...  seek HIM...and HE will provide...bless...heal...comfort...and BE all.   

I believe tomorrow that Jared and Rebekah will have some astounded doctors.  I declare God wins.

I could list for you -- several physical healings and emotional healings and people being raised from the dead....spiritual death to help support my belief.

For example, Terri was in church yesterday, 3 weeks from getting a life saving liver transplant.  Doc, my dear friend and sojourner in this journey of ministry ...   was given 2 livers within a 24 hour period... a miracle...

My own husband is a walking testimony that God raises people from spiritual death.

 I am a former Pharisee whose pious religious notions and views stifled the work of God for almost 38 years!!

 I worship with a woman,  Christa,  that defied odds and did not take  the cancer treatment and
listened to God, was obedient to what He told her  and was healed.  I know a woman that Satan wanted Dead...but she listened to doctors, hunkered down in prayer and a mighty cloud of witnesses prayed and God healed her through those doctor's and prayers -- cause the work HE had for them was not finished yet.

I believe Rebekah and Jared are those type -- God is not finished.  I believe Rebekah and Jared are being used by HIM but that HE has SO much more...cause wonders never cease......

But yes, I also know others that hunkered down and were healed in heaven.

Now, How did God confirm this to me today ??   Through HIS Word and a bible study I am presently into.  I must give credit to Beth Moore and her Believing God Study.  And there is more --  I am actually doing 3 studies right now -- and He is speaking the same words through ALL three of them.  Which just amazes me, then again it doesn't as God is the master at multi-tasking using all of HIS children to reach the lost.

Jesus performed miracles -- "Men of Israel, listen to this:  Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders and sign, which God did among you through him, as you yourselves know."    Acts. 2.22  

Christ's miracles, as supreme as they are, gave accreditation and glorification to God.  They were also because Jesus was moved to compassion, HE saw a great need, and HE saw great faith.

God does use suffering and dfficuluty to complete HIS good work as he is MOST concerned with the internal...rather than the external...Beth Moore Week 3 

I believe HE wants to use Rebekah and Jared for more - as their internal is secure.
Rebekah knows that she knows...no matter what, she will proclaim the love of Jesus.

I believe Jesus had NO time qualifier when he said in Mark 9.23, "everything is possible for him who believes".  

I may err today -- but I am going to err on the side of belief.    I can't lose when I am earnestly seeking God.  Rebekah and Jared won't lose...as they are earnestly seeking God. 

I believe that even if the doctor's tell Rebekah and Jared tomorrow that the cancer is till there -- they won't accept defeat.
I believe that Rebekah and Jared are surrounded by MANY who are willing to continue to pray BIG prayers and have that miracle.  THAT 4th miracle.  Period.

I believe  they will allow the doctor's to do what they can do and invite God to do what ONLY HE can do!!   

I believe  like Paul...in the unexplainable sovereignty of God!

 I read in God's Word today ( Acts 19) --- Paul,  and how even his handkerchief had the glory of God on it to heal another and yet, he also had to leave his pal Trophimus sick and behind to continue his work.  So why one healed and not the other?      "With  no shadow of doubt - We can know, that  the issue  is not a  lack of divine love or kindness. "  ( Beth and I agree!)   Many eternal factors are involved that we won't understand until we see Christ face-to-face.  Until then...I won't hinder my belief in healings...and miracles..and wonders...  I won't.

I say all of that to say this...

Rebekah and Jared -- I believe that tomorrow, Your faith will be strengthened and that HE has you both.  I believe HE is showing you WHAT He wants you both to do next...  so get ready.  

Rebekah ..this cancer is not about me blogging and having another 500 people read it, nor 500 people praying...this cancer is about - GOD and HOW HE is getting glory from it - through YOU.  Miss Melanie stated that back when we met at her house....back in August?  September...?   Remember?  

As I have heard you say -- HE felt YOU were chosen to do this for HIM.  And, as HE has heard the cries of Your heart and secret prayer requests....THIS is the hard part I am claiming...that He will grant you that desire to be a mom and to have that little one.  As I believe, YOU are healed.  I just reread the blog I posted in November and how "of God" that much of what I wrote then - has come into fruition already!!  

As I had you  state on Saturday,  " I am healed".  .....Continue to praise God for that - as Your healing is in HIM and I believe you will have some medical knowledge to prove it tomorrow.  And if not -- HE will speak to YOU BOTH....you and Jared as to what to do next.  I believe and know, HE is not finished with your work here on this earth.  

There are more that need to hear of a husband's choice to believe in Holy Spirit and pray over his wife and believe in something unseen.  I believe more need to hear of how HE speaks to you and reassures you that YOU will be fine.  I believe more need to hear of HOW in the present moment of uncertainty...your faith does not waiver. 

 And I believe...HE wants to show off and cure your cancer for a 4th time. 

I must confess, when you and I spoke that first time about this.... my flesh wanted to say, "really Lord, you would heal her a 4th time?"...And when you said it with me...it was like Holy Spirit began to praise and jump for joy in my body as I drove into town and you were on that other end...."going for 4".   Amen. 
And I am believing with TP - it will be a boy!  

  And yes..."Really Lord, thank you for healing her a 4th time!".   I am excited to hear what HE will speak to YOU and Jared tomorrow.  And I know, You are healed.  

- humbled and amazed by what HE does.   - Michelle

No honor and glory for this blog...me...  or anything else...it is ALL for HIM.
HE gets the credit --
HE is sovereign!

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