Monday, June 10, 2013

...hearing from God to ENDURE.....

 I know what it is like to feel like God had forgotten you.

I know what it feels like to think that NO one else has it as bad as I do right now......

I know how it hurts to believe that you were rejected on purpose and that it seems like the BAD guys win.....

It sucks.  

It hurts.  

That is NOT God's plan for you!  

 A very sweet woman sent this to me in an email - over a year ago, but it FITS today......

Dear Beloved, Dear Michelle - 

" I know God has a plan for her..(us )  and  HE wants her...(us) to draw closer to Him. 

 {we were both in prayer for a mutual sister in Christ} 

..."I told her about getting the revelation word from God that 
addresses you right where you are and gives truth for the moment."

  "This type of word from God has to be sought after.  Sometimes we hear from God through others (Can be the most comforting and easy),  sometimes througthe Holy Spirit that speaks truth almost audibly or through a "knowing", but then there are the times where you have to read and pray, yearning and seeking after Him in earnest. God makes a phrase, sentence or Word "pop out" to us."

  "Then we meditate and HE brings the peace and knowledge that HE is working through the circumstance.  Our confidence in Him grows and we are actually "Walking" with Him in Spirit.  We have to wait for this and be patient, enduring till we get the peace that is coming.  We grow through these times.  There are many examples in 
the Bible of where this occurred in times of stress."

So dear beloved....SEEK HIM and HE will bring forth the answers you need - wait and trust in HIM.  

I know it hurts.  
I know it sucks.
I know that it seems you are forgotten - but, I know that I know - HE has not forgotten you - HE is teaching you to totally rely on HIM and HE wants your total devotion and allegiance.  HE will bring beauty out of the ashes - just wait and watch -- may all start within the hour or week -- or it could be longer, but GOD has this...GOD wins.  Smile, remind yourself of that  and don't loose hope.  

This is one of these moments when I WANT to just FIX it for you - but, I can't -- the JOY of seeking YOU rely on HIM, is one of the greatest blessings to us praying and standing in the gap -- God wins. Don't forget it!  


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