Saturday, December 12, 2015

HOPE in HIM -- Commission Statement

Ladies --  here is our Commissioning Statement that Holy Spirit Wrote for us and I spoke over us --  

Print it off, post it - allow the words to remind you -- YOU ARE Free!   

And Ladies...YOU can recite this to yourself -- as you look at Jesus in you - in your mirror!  

My dear sister in Christ,
your God summoned you here -
He had a perfect plan for you.
He has called you to step it up -
He has called you for such a time as this. 

It's time for you to wise up sister -
Your have seen where the enemy has trapped you.
You were born for the WILL of God.
Your destiny makes a difference.
Nothing the world can offer you -
is worth giving up your divine calling. 

Jesus knows your past of adversity-
But from this day forward - I'll trust you Lord.
I will wait for my feelings to catch up with my healing! 
Sister --
Sister, your life is no longer underrated!
Jesus knows what you endured -
Every place you have ever been -
You can't chase Him from loving you.
He has loved you with an everlasting love-
And HE thinks you are GORGEOUS!
Girl -
Gurl -
Girl, you are not leaving here overanxious!
You are leaving here free!
Gurl, the enemy is after you -
because he is jealous of you and scared of what you could become!

So, you take your position in this globe -
You put on the whole armor of God -
Because girlfriend --
Your God is with you.
Jesus is your #1 -
And the Comforter is your best friend -
The Paraclete is your power!
There is nothing freaky about a true Encounter with God! 

Sweetie -
Precious -
Beloved --
You are beautiful in HIS sight!
The Lord is responsible for the saving!
Girl - God is BIG enough!

*** Now, look at the floor and STOMP as you speak to satan under your feet --
Satan - I have taken back my stuff -- STOMP STOMP
My rightful stuff -- what you have stolen marriage...
Satan you are on notice! 
God wins - DO NOT mess with me! 
Don't mess with my family! 
Don't mess with my man! 
Don't mess with my mind!
Don't mess with my church!

**** Now, look back at the beautiful one in front of you  ( or the mirror)

Girl -- Now to  HIM who is able -
To keep you from stumbling
And present you spotless and blameless ...

Jesus - we LOVE you!
Jesus - I want all of what you have in store for me!

Now girlfriend...  get out there into this world -
And live like the over comer YOU are!  
As ..YOUR HOPE is in HIM! 


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