Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Walls of Jericho will fall --

By faith -- the walls of Jericho fell --

By faith, a woman is believing that God will provide a refrigerator for her family --

By faith, a woman believes her children will be returned to her --

By faith, a woman believes her family will get past this uncertainty right now and be whole again --

By faith, a woman believed that Jesus would be her husband until her own husband returned to his first love --

By faith a young woman became a mother   after an angel of the Lord appeared to her --

By faith a young man believed an angel and took his young bride to Bethlehem --

By fatih, a group of women drove up to Titusville and believed that God would encounter them there --

By faith, a young mother of three forgave her husband, forgave herself, and believed that with godly counsel and time - her family could be whole again --

By faith, a woman gave her very last penny to 'the church' --

By faith, a woman believed that her mother did not die a violent death;  but, perhaps she was  taken up into the clouds like Enoch before the bullet reached her  --

By faith, a young mother asked for prayer and  the hole in her newborn daughter's heart was healed --

By fatih, a young mother did not believe her son would never walk; but   prayed over him with bold prayers and waited  on God to answer--

By faith, a mother believes that her daughter will one day look at her and tell her 'thank you' for being the mom that she was/is --

By faith,  a mother prays that her son will find the God intended woman he is to be with and he will fulfill his calling  in ministry --

By faith, a mother prays for a beautiful baby and believes God's best for her --

By faith, one mother stands in agreement with another mother that her children will serve you and not the world --

By faith, a mother calls upon the heavens to heal a son, so the seizure medicine does not have to be taken --

By faith --

By faith --

By faith --

By faith, a husband believed his godly counsel that one day -- that  he could look in the eyes of his wife and know that he knew -- that she was the soul mate God had planned for him.

  I live with that man -- I get to see God's grace, goodness, and faithfulness daily --

I am sure, if you are reading this -- you could add at least 10 more statements of faith /prayers --

  These by faith stories are real whether they are from the bible, my life  or the circle of people around me but they are also from total strangers as so many of these prayers are expressed by many around us.

And,  if I begin to share some of the  by faith stories that the men around me are praying and believing for -- this blog will be too long.  As my Pastor  D  reminds me....people can only read so much - as I tend to write epistles instead of blogs. 

Today -- there are a few women in particular that  I know  -- where today is their Day #7...  And tomorrow is their Day #7...  And yet, others still ....have been praying the walls of Jericho would fall for several years --

They have been obedient and prayed with seven others for seven days -- God's perfect number in believing that upon Day #7 the walls would crumble.   That...God would show them clarity in their circumstances.  That God would move a mountain or bring relief...WHO knows WHAT God is going to do - but they are believing by faith - that something is going to change.

I admire that.
I fasted and prayed with them all week and can attest to some of the miracles that I have been privileged to see.  

Again -

By faith -- they are believing that God is going to move a mountain - change a circumstance -- or just be the FATHER in heaven that HE is.....

I believe today -- we need to take the time to be HOLY -- not  goody goody.... but set apart.
I did not awake with that revelation -- it was in my Jesus Calling Devotional and it fit perfect for today.

Be set apart.
It is WHEN we get in the Presence of Our Lord -- that miracles happen.

I have seen several miracles this past week -- from needs provided to just HIS presence being real to my sister.  Her father - n - law has been in hospital with a brain bleed  for several weeks.   When she went to pray for her Father -n-Law....she felt she had the opportunity to say "Good - bye"  ---
To hear her speak of the  JOY in being with him and being able to see his one  last time -- THAT was God's favor for my sister.  Now her prayer today was that he would do that again for his children. 

AS WE focus our minds and hearts on God -- we are transformed.
The women I have been praying with, fasting with, and circling  my room with -- 7x...these women are soaking in the LIGHT of HIS Presence.... and because of the 'exercise' we all agreed to do -- HE is near to us in a way -- like never before.

 It has strengthened my faith -- I know it has strengthened theirs...   And they are open to receive the many blessings from HIM.

The blessing may not be 'what they wanted'  WILL be better!
The blessing may not be 'seen' right now .....but it WILL come!
The blessing may just be -- becoming cleansed by the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is able to do in and through you immeasurable more than you ask or imagine.  

And no matter what -- even if the circumstances do not change -- I have changed and I know they have too.  As no matter what -- our God is a GOOD GOOD Father --  and HE works everything good to those who call upon Him and live according to His will and purpose.  

I pray that each of us reading this - is set apart today -- and understand what it means to be HOLY and in HIS Presence --   God bless.  


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