Thursday, June 9, 2016

BP is 50!!

Happy birthday!  

Happy Birthday Brendan -- 50 today!

Happy birthday to this guy that will set an alarm at 12:11 am to try and 'con' me into believing it is 6am and time to get up for school.   Yes... he does that sort of thing.  Yes... I fell for it and when I realize it is only 12:11 am...  I scream and he laughs -- wildly.

Happy birthday to a guy that will short sheet the bed and wait outside the bedroom for me to fuss and then laugh and laugh!

Happy birthday to someone that will prank anyone he figures he can mess with, especially new employees at our Insurance Office.  

Happy birthday to a guy that I saw for the very first time in 9th grade at Riverside Junior High School.  And when I saw him, I told my pal, Wendy, "that guy is going to be important to me one day".

Happy birthday to a guy that I watched play basketball and tennis and he had the most sexy hairy legs.  Those legs are not that hairy anymore -- but check out his son's and you can get a glimpse of what they looked like when he was voted, "best legs" in our year book superlatives!   

Happy birthday to the guy that calls Taylor his daughter, Hunter his son and Jake his new dear friend and son- n- love! And, who wants to be the 'dad' to Mickey or a new Doberman...but his wife won't let him!!  

Happy birthday to the guy that first 'peaked' my interest about heaven.  When I met him, I HOPED to get to heaven and he was assured he was GOING there.   I had to question more!

Happy birthday to the guy that got a Prince Tennis Racquet, a Prince Tennis Bag, and an Ivan Lendle Tennis Vest for his 16th birthday!    I spent 2 Ponderosa Paychecks on it and was determined to make the day special- back in 1982....that was a LOT of $$!

And it took a LOT of planning ahead.  You see... THAT was before the internet so I had to literally order by filling out an order form from a Tennis Magazine, get a money order, and  mail it with enough time to get it BACK!!   When I think now how easy it is to order something on line -- I laugh! 

Happy birthday to someone that LOVES to be a hermit and stay inside watching Million Dollar Listing or a marathon of Flip or Flop rather than entertain or socialize.   However, when he is in the public -- he is the LIFE of the party.

Happy birthday to someone who can talk to perfect strangers,  lead a stranger to the Lord, and then not want to RSVP to his sister's dinner invite!!  LOL   ( If you know him -- this makes perfect sense!)  

Happy birthday to someone that has basically 7 staple food favorites.    Steak, hamburger,  brats, chicken and rice, chocolate cake, and cookie dough.   And Diet Coke. 

Happy birthday to someone that DOES not like social media and HATES having a blog written about him.   He also hates Facebook or Instagram, but when there is a picture posted or something of interest - he looks at my account.  But, I am ignoring the blog bit today -- this is his birthday card!

Happy birthday to someone that is an avid reader,  closet poker player, and avid history buff.  

Happy birthday to someone that loves to play golf.

Happy birthday to someone that won't  play basketball ever again unless it is with his grandchildren.   ( Nose was broken that last time he played with the 'seniors'.) 

Happy birthday to the middle son of Marilyn and Lowell.

Happy birthday to someone that sets his mind  on something and follows through!

Happy birthday to someone that loves the thrill of selling.   I have often commented that he could sell a parka to a penguin! 

Happy birthday to someone that is VERY

Happy birthday
to someone that loves to
drive and date nights
are usually Longhorn and
Barnes and Noble, or just
walking the Mall and
stopping for Chick-Fil-A.
And date nights are never
skipped -- important! 

Happy birthday to someone that loves to listen to Joel Osteen, sing 70's music, and praise and worship as well. 

Happy birthday to someone that walked into a Harley -Davidson store in Ft. Myers and bought a Harley....without even being able to ride it home.   He was being obedient to the marriage therapist and trying to see if the two of us could have a NEW hobby!

He then, signed himself up for Motorcycle Safety Class Course and then taught himself HOW to ride/drive his
Harley!    He had the Harley delivered and began to practice!

Happy birthday to someone that loves to watch his kids participate in sports.  He is Taylor's biggest Volleyball Fan and Hunter's Soccer Dad!   He will also be hoarse from yelling as he is a side line coach! 

Happy birthday to someone that I have grown to love even more now than when I first laid eyes on him.    Is it possible to fall deeper in love with a person??

Yes.....   it's cause of Jesus. 

Happy birthday to someone that believes in God, is obedient to WHAT God asks him to do ---- and ...

Happy birthday to someone that is a walking testimony to God's grace and mercy.

Happy birthday to someone that  I call my husband, lover, and dear friend.

Happy birthday to my "Paul" He discerns and keeps me honest.

Happy birthday to my high school sweetheart.
Happy birthday to my college pal!

Happy birthday to the man I raised children with.
Happy birthday to the man I get to hang onto when we are riding the Harley!
Happy birthday to the man I share our 'cottage' with.
Happy birthday to the man -- who has 'rebuilt' the house! 

God told me, that he would rebuild our house and he has done that with God through the Holy Spirit  in a spiritual sense and now -- I await it in the physical sense too! 

Happy birthday to a man that is an example of "David".   I believe he is a man after God's own heart!
I believe God is most proud of him.
I believe God has blessed his life, his family, and his descendants will know the legacy he has produced!

Happy birthday to my sweetie -- my 'Bren'.....
Happy 50th birthday.   I would say, I want to spend another 50 with you and I will do that if the Lord tarries...but I agree with you -- and I figure we will be raptured up together -- that our kids won't have to bury us.....   so until then -- I say, let's live these next future years for HIM and as we do that ....He will bless us with favor and give us the desires of our hearts!

I love you Brendan -- lots.
Thank you for having the faith to believe in God again -- xxoo - me, your wife..Chell

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