Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hearing from God - through Facebook!?? Van Gogh and Peace!

Ok, that has to be an oxymoron right?

I mean I must be clearly confused to use THAT as my title.
   I have no choice -- I must blog.

Can God speak through Face Book?     Yes.

 However, I think He speaks more often to us personally because He wants to.   Personally , through His Word, through reading an inspired book, through godly counsel, and through praise and worship -- but he can speak through Facebook. 

Let me explain:
Bren and I got away for a few days.  We received a sweet deal to stay at a Condo, watch a presentation,  and then get a gift card.  Well, it took 2 hours to say "No", but we did enjoy the pool, eating out at new places, and sleeping in.  And we enjoyed God!

We each wanted to spend some extended quiet time with Him and just dig deep into God.  The sheer notion of actually doing that -- to me is a miracle.  I mean, who would of thought that!!   God certainly continues to pursue us -- always --even when we don't take the time to listen !

Anyway, both Brendan and I are reading a new book - Frequency by Robert Morris and it is about hearing from God.  I totally recommend it and  we have been studying.  One concept that has blessed us  is that - we are born, created to hear from God.  Why on earth would God place us on this earth and not want to continue to communicate with us??    That makes perfect sense! 

John 10:  vs. 1-4 speaks about how God calls his sheep and the sheep hear his voice.  This ability to hear God is how we were created -- or it is innate, we are born with it.

  It is also learned.  Just as children are born with the ability to speak - it must be learned.

 And finally,  hearing from God is a matured skill.  We have to allow God to mature us as hearing from God is so important and it is something that can benefit us greatly.  So, as Bren and I continued to seek God and learn more from Ps. Morris we were floored  as how clearly - HE  communicated with us in this little mini- vacation and it  is so sweet  to hear from God.

Then the Orlando massacre happened.

I have watched the news.  Prayed.   Read Facebook, Prayed.   Watched more news and then prayed.
The event has not consumed me; however, it has certainly filled up the social media air waves.

A few blogs ago, I spoke and shared about WHAT God was showing me with my 'past' posts.  I still get a daily reminder of my posts from 1-6 years ago.  Again today, I read the post over and over and then prayed and spoke to God.  Again, I did not write about  our dirty laundry -- but you could read between God's words and know -- I was in deep pain.
Something was wrong.

As I filter through and scan FB, I read and see so much -- so many need Jesus.  So many.  You can read this within their status, their posts, and what they share! 

Today this scripture wrecked me.  

1 Sam 3.1  .....The word of the Lord was rare in those days. 
         Rare means -- valuable, precious, of great worth!

I am pretty sure I can sum up the past 3 days ..... the real reason why that man killed those people is because he does not understand that God's Word is rare -- 

I am pretty sure I can sum up why a dear one is fighting for her marriage right now through prayer......because her husband does not understand that God's Word is rare -- precious...

I am pretty sure I can understand why another's  husband believes their marriage is over because he has found another -- cause he does not believe God's Word is rare, precious, and valuable.  

And, the men are not the only ones on the hook here --  

I am pretty sure I can understand why a precious young  woman of God just wants to give up - she is tired...it is because she is not believing that God's Word is rare  --

I am pretty sure it makes sense to me now HOW a beautiful young woman would post some very inappropriate photos of herself....cause  she does not believe that God's Word is rare and precious ---

And  it makes sense that another would want to continue to post and share stuff that is not of a godly nature ....cause  the Word of God is not rare, precious, and valuable.  

Because it is my opinion and  I believe that IF God's Word was rare, within their hearts and head -----  which means, precious, valuable and worth everything --- each  one of them would be seeking an appointment to spend time with God and read His Word.  

When time is spent reading God's Word  - allowing an open heart to receive it -----
-------- and then prayer, with time allowed for God to speak to each of them------

----then   I don't believe those people would of been killed.  

  I don't believe Gun laws or the lack of gun laws would make that much difference. 
 I don't believe  men would be wanting OUT of their marriage.  
I don't believe women would want to give up.  
I don't believe I would cringe when I read another 's post.  
I do believe our body of believers would walk in the liberty God has purchased for us! 
I do believe  marriages would be an example of God's intention.  
I do believe you would see a major difference in social media.  
I do believe people would understand the authority and power they have in Christ.
I do believe there would be LOVE...and you would see the hands and feet of Jesus more than you would see violence.   


 HOW can you read God's Word?

How would you be able to read His Word, allow it to speak to YOU and still   WANT  to do what would grieve the  Holy Spirit and God!   ?????    The heart would change.

Everyone keeps saying , "all we need is LOVE"...  That did not work for those in the 60's...  what we need is a knowledge of the perfect LOVE that shed His blood for each of us.

God's Word.  God's love letter to us.  His personal letters of instructions.
God still speaks to us today!  If we are hearing from God, the communication will  always be in line with His Word, it won't contradict His Word.   It will always encourage, and it   will bring  peace.

As the news reporters and people continue to interview those around the area and continue to investigate, I could not help but notice -- the unrest.   Tonight, I am going to believe that each and everyone of those innocent victims had time to call upon Jesus before their last breath, if they knew him or  if they didn't -- I will believe the scripture that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord is truth.  And I am going to believe in eternity!

 God's mercy seat is occupied  by Jesus -- I think everyone has to realize we are all one breath away from death.

 How we spend eternity is the true focus of everything. We are the home of the free and the brave but there is a decision that everyone has to make.  To believe God's Word or not. 

Whether a person wears their sin on their sleeves, or is secretly  full of idolatry and still calls him or herself a believer - it is for God to judge and for God to usher them into heaven or hell.

Please don't misquote me -- we are called to Love.  I believe there is a great deal of "good" people that are going to be in hell.  Eve was not drawn to the evil  side of the tree of Knowledge ...she was deceived by being drawn to the good side of the Tree  of Knowledge.  Eve had a perfect Father -- no daddy issues and yet - she was still deceived.  The problem with deception is - being deceived. 

Hell is not a respecter of persons.   Jesus actually spoke more about hell than he did about heaven.  Hell was created for evil -- for Satan and his dark angels.  It makes sense to me, that the shooter was full of demons and clearly was disobedient to God's Word.

So, I am going to believe that Omar is in hell.  That makes sense to me.
And I am going to believe that heaven gained 49 more on the early morning of Sunday.
And I am going to believe that His Word is rare ...precious and valuable.
I am going to do what God has asked me to do - be HIS hands and feet and speak His truth in Love. 

2 Timothy 3:16

16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God[a] may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

I believe God's Word is precious and rare.  God has been showing me -- HOW I must be in his word MORE than I have been.  However, He is also so sweet.  So sweet.   He knows, my prayer in the past few months has been for a deeper  hunger for His Word.

 I mean, I can do a bible study ...research prayers, and memorize scripture but it seems I have to have a need to read His word  -- not just read it.  I want a hunger to read it.  

So our mini- trip was just perfect.  God had been speaking to me already and today, after some extended time with Him, He was so kind and showed me something. 

Because I prayed and voiced my request out loud to my husband....the enemy of our souls heard me say..."I want this hunger".  So of course...all of a sudden, the enemy whispers.... "you don't really hear from God -- well, maybe you do but its scattered and it sputters here and there, it is not consistant".  

 I believe the lie for about 5 seconds one day...and then maybe 5 minutes another day.  You see ....no matter what, if the enemy can get me to doubt....he has the ability to continue to nag me and wear me down.  But today, the Lord gave me an analogy  to use against the enemy.   

Yes...  the Lord, has been speaking to me!!   At times it seems scattered.   God showed me a Jackson Pollock painting.  It sort of looks like a dot to dot.  "But it is still a work of art."  Stand back and you can see the value of it.    God uses everything and nothing is wasted.   However, if you see a Van Gogh like "Starry Night" or "Sunflowers", you can see the beauty instantly.  "So, as you continue to draw close to me, I may give you a Pollack or more Van Gogh's -- but I am indeed speaking to You!  And I have heard you!  You hear me!"  

God is so precious.  I value God's Word.  I use it for study, for teaching, and it rebukes me.  It disciplines me.  It keeps me in check.  

Lord, thank you for the extended time with you these past few days.  Lord, thank you for speaking to me and Your timing is perfect.  Lord, thank  you for the messages and Your Word of late -- that all points to WHAT you are presently teaching me and helping me to teach others...

No matter what - YOU pursue us - you are not passive.  You are there -- waiting, patiently.  You are not fighting for us with toothpicks...but with a garrison of angels and artillery!     That YOU will cross the heavens just to rescue me!  Lord, for the families of those 49 - Lord, comfort like only You can.  Lord, for the survivors that were hurt and watched loves ones die in front of them -- maybe they all be drawn to You and be sheep - that Hear Your voice.  

Lord, forgive me for the ones one FB in the past 24 hours that I want to fuss at.  Lord, they have their opinions and it frustrates me that they can never say anything nice - - until  someone speaks up and stands for Christ ...then their opinions have to be political.     

Lord,  forgive me for relying on others instead of Your voice.  Lord, You have revealed much to me again in these past few days -- I relish the infomation and I want to be used by You, so I know you will use these revealed knowledge.  

Lord, for our new group -- those in Good or God at church with us -- bless them Lord, help them to see how God's Word is indeed precious, valuable, and rare.  

Lord, for the knowledge of knowing that You speak to me.  Lord, I want others to hear you perfectly and I want others to have the goodness of hearing from You.  Lord, I want each and every family member truly seek You and huger for Your word.  

Lord, as our time becomes 'closer' ....to the END of Your Kingdom calendar -- may the church -- Your hands and feet, show grace and mercy in love... speak truth in love...and may we see Your will be done.   IN Jesus name...amen.  


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