Thursday, August 11, 2016

Desperate prayers #17

Prayer is communicating with God.  Sometimes I talk out loud to Him. Sometimes I sing.  I even just close my eyes and whisper.   That verse that commands us to pray without ceasing was always something I just did not get.   "Lord, I can't sit on my knees 24/7".  However, I can be totally submitted to HIM 24/7 where my thoughts linger on Him, rely on Him, transfer to Him when pondering, and sit in HIM!

Prayer is entirely a spiritual thing. Prayer must be by faith because there is no earthly, rational result of spending time communication with an unseen Being.  In prayer, you reach out and take hold of the unseen.  In prayer you MUST believe that which you can't possibly prove.  This makes it one of the most difficult callings for a Christian, but it also makes is one dearest to the Lord's heart.   - School of Leaders Week 13. 

it says in Matthew 19...  I will tell you the truth, whatever yo bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.  

Lord, today -- several families had to lay a son or a daughter into the ground.  Some were so unexpected that everyone around is still in shock.  Lord for each person hurting this eve, may they get rest, stay balanced in their daily lives and walk through this sadness and pain.  Lord, I pray there will be supernatural rays of YOUR  love that just pours over each one -- especially the mothers that carried those children and hurt so.  Lord, I pray they would not be bound to the past but allow it to bring forth happiness and possibilities.  Lord, I pray as they wake and move in their day, they will keep their eyes on YOU and be reminded that this life is temporary and that one day, they will be reunited.  Lord, if there is any guilt or unforgiveness within these family members - I pray that Satan would not get a foothold in - period.  

Lord,  for the ill ones.  One in particular that began chemo today -- Lord, that every good cell is not destroyed, that every bad cell is zapped and that any cells about to form would be supernaturally scooped up and out by YOUR heavenly angel nurses.  May this temporary  sickness bring glory and honor to You as she walks through it with dignity and faith.  Lord, for the families and caregivers of these loved ones - strengthen them, consume them, and rebuild them as well.  WE praise and thank you for the healing Jesus gave us through His death and His blood....that each would walk in belief that they are healed in Jesus name!  

Lord, for those scary prayers now - God that anyone reading this ...if there be any hidden sin - it would be exposed.  Lord, for the ones that have accepted the wicked choices and walk in their selfishness...Lord, break the enemy's arms... break their arms... fight on behalf of all that submit to YOU -- that they would realize their sin, become repentant and then begin to repair the damage that was done.  Lord, for those that continually offend...sin....stop and say sorry and then DO it again... God, that a true submission to YOU would be evident and apparent -- not only in those evil mockers and evil doers...but also within us -- God, that we always, that I always submit to YOU.  

Lord,   that each would put their HOPE in YOU -- that they would praise You -- our Savior and our God...   


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