Wednesday, August 31, 2016

God's purpose ...NOT my plans.....

It is 'hump' day.  School is well under way, I am still trying to get myself into a routine, learn the most about each student, and be up on time to drive with my new 'car pool' buddy.  This year marks my 6th year at the Brighton REZ school and each year,  God reveals and confirms to me WHY  HE has me there -- and I am blessed 99.95 of the time.  There are days that TRY me...but like every teacher who spends 8 hours with 12-25 students in one 500 square foot area...this profession is a calling!  

But anyway.....

Today, I asked God to help me carve out a good hour to blog -- there is something that I want to share.  I don't claim to have some BIG revelation -- this is coming from my homework, as my family and I are all doing a bible study.  It is pretty cool -- Brendan and I are actually doing it 'again' we did it years ago when the kids were small.  Now, the kids are grown ups and we asked them to join us in this study.   It is by Henry Blackaby and it is called Experiencing God. 

Each of us is working independently...but it is so cool how God orchestrates the timing.  Because God's word is alive and active within our heads and hearts ....   LIFE speaks right out of the pages and is spills over into our lives.  

I have said it several times this past summer -- we are in the end times.  I truly believe we are in the END of the end times, and that does not scare me -- it just  makes me look and view things a little differently.   For one...I believe that in these days, we will have GREAT miracles...but also GREAT tragedy. It is what it is..... 

Being a woman that wants to see children happy, families whole, and marriages healthy and restored... my eyes are open and aware, often, of what is around me. 

 Most often, it breaks my heart.

There has been a lot of breaking hearts around me lately again.

 However -- God will win.  God can win...  God wants to win.  God...will  

My question usually is...Do you want God to win?   
My homework a few weeks ago was from this lesson:  God's purposes, Not our plans!

1.  What was God about to do when he asked Noah to build an ark?     He sent a flood.
2.  What was God about to do to Sodom and Gomorrah when He came to Abraham?   He destroyed it.   Gen 18: 16-21: 19: 13
3. What was God about to do when He came to Gideon?  Deliver the Isrealites!  
Judges 6: 11-16
AND...4.  What was God about to do when He came to Saul on the road to Damascus?  He showed Saul/Paul that HE was Lord!     Acts 9: 1-16

John 12: 23-25 says..."unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seek.  But if it dies, it produces many seeds.  The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life." 

To live a God - centered life -- I have to focus on God's purpose - not my own plans. 

There are several woman and others I know that are truly walking in HIS purpose right now and it is HARD and it hurts and it does NOT seem easy -- nor  does it make sense.  

BUT... I am so proud of God in them...they are trusting HIS will and HIS purpose ...not their own plans.  

To know God's will -- we must deny ourselves.   We must deny ourselves and return to a Christ - Centered life.   Period.  There is NO room for discussion.

To know God's will -- we must focus on HIS purposes and not our own.  Period.  There is NO room for discussion.

To know God's will -- we must seek to see the situation from HIS perspective rather than from my own distorted human  outlook.   Period.  There is NO room for discussion.  

To know God's will --  I must wait until God shows me WHAT He is about to do through me.   Period.  NO room for discussion or debate. 

To know God's will -- I have to WATCH and see what God is doing around me and be willing to JOIN HIM. 

God won't ask you to dream up something to do for HIM. 

The pattern in Scripture is that we submit ourselves to God, then we wait until God shows us what He is about to do, or we watch to see what God is already doing around us and JOIN Him. 

Psalm 20.7
Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses, but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God. 

So, I write this prayer this eve: 

Lord, for those fighting right now -- women that have made the choices to do YOUR will and not their own.   Lord, for those women standing their ground and believing that YOU will restore what the locusts have stolen.  Lord, for those women believing that YOU are fighting for them...

Lord, for those struggling to do YOUR will.   Lord, for those that have allowed their hearts to become hard and are ignoring what You clearly have told us -- to LOVE no other gods before you. 

Lord, for anyone reading this tonight that is battling in intercession for their children - of any age...that they will SEEK YOU...  

Lord,  I know that one day, we will look back at this time and see Your purpose and Your provision -- but right now there are a few that are struggling to continue ...may they SEEK Your comfort.  

Lord, for the one in particular that needs a miracle...
Lord, for those around these hurting families and such ...that they continue to believe for all involved and that those ...that won't act in a godly manner ....may they truly SEE the depth of their sin...even as I type this prayer.  

Lord, I know you hold us in your hands... I thank you for THIS blog and this reminder that YOUR purpose and YOUR plans are indeed YOURS... may we come on board and may we see  exactly WHERE we need to be.   

Lord, I praise you for these trials -- as it is indeed bringing several to their knees and to YOU and  they are affecting the ones around them.   

Lord, protect those hurting and thank you for being YOU Lord, thank you for sending HOly Spirit to us...may HE continue to teach us through Your written Word, may tomorrow be the day -- that ONE finally puts his trust in YOU...Amen. 

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