Monday, August 8, 2016

Pain is pain is pain.

Pain is pain is pain . . . . What a title for a blog this eve. This is something I have been wanting to write out for some time. Not quite sure 'how' it will turn out . .but I want to say it.

The Holy Spirit reminded me of this blog I wrote some six years ago -- and tonight, as my heart aches for a family - several family members who  are experiencing pain and loss, I was drawn to this blog again. 

1. Pain is pain. It is very important to know that when some one hurts, whether they are 19, 10 or 45 - they HURT! God feels that hurt. HE has experienced everything that can come our way. Amazing.

2. Pain is pain. Even when you 'think' your life or your situation is harder or more painful . . . .you will be enlightened  with another story or another friend who DOES have it a bit 'worse' than your circumstances and instantly you may feel a bit selfish for your fussing or hurt ---But, your pain is still pain.

3. Pain is Pain. Don't qualify anothers pain. Don't make is 'less' by saying you 'can understand' or don't make it less by telling them a different story that you think will make they feel better. Pain is Pain.

It is important to know  or realize that God can use pain.  Most importantly -- God DID not intend for this pain to happen.  He knew it would transpire ...but NO where was He sitting up in the heavens stating:   "um, this one here, must go through THIS so that her child will be able to handle THIS". 

And sometimes I debate -- is God IN time or out of time.  God knows the beginning and the end but does he micromanage up there in heaven with all of our choices?  Or does HE keep an eye on us?   These are just questions that I don't want to debate or answer right now -- but I continue to seek God for the answers.   Whenever an accident or something really bad happens to good people - I question the Lord, 'why'??  And I am reminded that -- He did not intend for this to happen.  He hurts just as much as the one who is hurting and then I remember He sent His son for us...for me... and He suffered Himself.  

HE is sovereign and yes HE knows exactly what you or I are going through but for HIS glory,   HE has esteemed you high enough and strong enough to handle the pain with HIS help.

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Prov. 12.18.

Pain is pain. Please. Whether you are the one suffering a loss, a death, a hurt . . .

Whether you are the one who is watching the other suffer a loss, a death or a hurt . .

Whether you are the child of one who is watching the loved one suffer a loss, a death, a betrayal, a hurt or a violation . .pain is pain.

Everyone hurts. Most times, we just need someone to listen and hug. Most times we just need to know there is hope.

Most times, we don't want to explain . . . .or have it explained . .we just want to cry and fuss and yell!! (personally -- I do that with God . HE knows already )

Lord, forgive me for when I 'thought' I was helping and not allowing YOU to work a miracle in a life. Lord, forgive me for being too stuck on my own pain to not see the pain in others. Lord, thank you for providing the people that loved me .....even when all I wanted to do was 'cuss'. 

Lord, thank you for breaking me, and allowing this pain . . ..I want to be used by YOU and I want to bring hope to others.

From a wise mind comes wise speech: the words of the wise are persuasive. Prov. 16.23

I think it is very important to look beyond ourselves. However, we can allow the loved ones around us to minister to us when we need it. Get the help. Allow yourself to grieve and seek HIM for true healing. But then, live  beyond ourselves. As, I have found that when I look to help others, my pain DOES become a little 'less' to me.

And I think it's important to realize and remember that it will rain on the just and the unjust -- this life was not promised to us as EASY --  after that original sin....consequences came.   So often it is 'easy' to think or accept a consequence that I brought on myself --- but when it just happens or it happens to me.   Or, it is just an accident - a pure accident where -- we have all been, but by the grace of God - I was spared or we were spared.   Today I told Jesus -- "you can tell your daddy to gather His bride!".  

I also told God - yep I did -- "when will you call us home?".  BUT some days I can also get a glimpse of heaven and then I realize..."not YET Lord"...there are too many around me that NEED Jesus.  

I believe there are many hurting people all around me. Lord, let me comfort when I need to - let me see with YOUR eyes, what I need to say, do, or how I should pray.

Lord, I have learned MANY things in this time of my 'blue period' but now I am in the green and growing period . .so teach me much. Help me, remind me  that I  would never 'level' one's pain. Help me show empathy each time. Lord, only let me open my mouth if YOU direct it.

I am so thankful for your healing.   I am humbled and honored. Lord, You are a deep mystery and I won't try to fathom it.   Please continue to use me in a mighty way.

I love you Lord. - Michelle

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