Saturday, August 13, 2016

Today I marry my best friend....

The blog today is personal -- but if you love this girl like I do, you may want to read it too.  She is getting married today.  She is becoming Mrs. Bodden today!!

Dear Brooke,
Dear Friend,
Dear daughter of the MOST HIGH God....

Today is the day -- you will marry your best friend.   How do I know this...?  I have watched this from the start -- watched it begin and watched it bloom into something.  I have watched it hurt and watched it repair and grow.  I have watched it - I have watched you!   And I was privileged to watch it from the inside and have prayed for and enjoyed every moment of it!  

I am a bit partial as I love Jesse's mom   and adored by little first grader as he spent 180 days in my classroom -- but he truly is a keeper.  

Brooke, as I have told you on many occasions, you remind me of my little sister - but you have also become a dear sweet friend over the past 6 years.   Who would of thought it??   God placed you RIGHT where I needed you - this time...6 years ago.  We have chatted, cried,  fussed, and sought God together. I have been so blessed to have you RIGHT there with me in Room 102 personally -- but also for our students.    God is good.   

 I am blessed because we can have days where no words are spoken and days where tears fall like rain.    And then moments of such laughter that only we can share to our husbands.  I am so blessed that you lovingly accept my 'squirrell' moments and clean up behind me -- literally. 

I am blessed that I can count on you to love our students as much as I do and you are that second pair of eyes as our students are indeed heaven sent but need so much extra love, structure, and instruction. 

I am blessed that I can count on you to be in the room when prayer group goes 3-4 minutes late! 

I am blessed that you can whip up a worksheet from my chicken scratch. 

I am blessed that when I talk out loud you have the grace and mercy to  let me and only give me suggestions AFTER a particular lesson or procedure DID not work. 

I am blessed that you take my instruction and DO what I ask of you in the classroom - even when you don't get it -- like 5th grade math!! 

I am blessed that when I am sick or take a personal day -- I can just text or call you and sub plans are DONE.   THAT alone is one of the BEST perks in working with you.

I am blessed that when my patience has been stretched with are THERE to walk him or her to the playground and have a chat.

I am blessed that you LOVE our Lord and don't think I am crazy when I anoint the desks with oil and pray over kids in private when they ask.

I am blessed that I can VENT and know you keep my confidence.

I am blessed  that we just CLICK....

Today, you officially become Mrs. Bodden. 
Next week, we both will have to practice saying Mrs. Bodden instead of Ms. Manson.

Today you will walk the aisle and it will be JUST as God planned.   

Today, I get to witness a blessed and dear friend have all the attention and LOVE she deserves. 

Today, I am happy!!   Can't you tell-- I woke up at 4am and knew I wanted to WRITE your card /blog and get it posted ASAP! 

I am blessed that I know your family and their hearts.  Your mom was one of the FIRST friends that came to me and extended such hospitality and friendship when we began attending FBC.  Your MUM MUM ...ok, Mom Mom, was such an inspiration and prayer warrior for me as we sat together in Carleen Huckabee's bible study every Saturday morning in a season where I was broken, hurting, and just 'being'.   Your dear Aunt Laurie was a sweet venting partner and friend in another season where I just did not know what was going to transpire.   God placed them all in my life.... cause HE knew I was going to be paired with you that August of 2011.  I am blessed and God is so stinking sweet.

 I know and have watched you fight with all of your might  for your first marriage.  When I speak/counsel with other women and they are frustrated and want to quit after 2 months,   I share        (without names) about a tough godly woman that stuck it out 7 years...cause she knew God asked her to wait on HIM.      And I have seen you rise up over circumstances that you had no control over.   I have seen you walk with grace and mercy -- but like me, I have seen you have some 'ugly' moments but you have quickly learned from them and I have seen you GIVE advice to your circle of friends...I have heard you state, "learn from what I messed up on".   Seeing you use your pain to help another -- is truly a blessing.   God is so proud of you!  

 I have seen you work through healing, and the fact that you acknowlege there is more healing to happen is most humble and mature!    And even though the scars are present on some days -- I believe you are walking through this new season  with grace and you are learning to extend  more mercy.....which  is a beautiful thing!   This has led to meeting Jesse and I have watched you, carefully, prayerfully,  and with God's timing -- you have allowed GOD to guide this new season.   I  believe this godly man,  Jesse, will indeed continue to make you laugh and support you in your endeavors.

I love how he has helped you regain your confidence and your spunk.  I love how he defends you and surprises you.   I love how he reminds you not to get so worked up.    I love how he is so thoughtful and wants to be the best husband and 2nd dad to Layton.  However, I know it was not just was God.    It is God. 

God has never left you and you acknowledge that -- God is the healer and HE will continue to grow you and I know that as EACH of you seek HIM individually and then as ONE before Him....this marriage will indeed be one that shows God's grace, mercy, but also HIS glory.

My dearest Brooke, as I close, I pray that this day -- is indeed how you imagined it.  I know the plans were changed but indeed, I know that it will indeed be perfect in HIS eyes and the eyes of others.  God bless you -- I love you -- I will see you at 5!!

Much love,



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  1. what a beautiful msg Michelle. Thank u 4 all ur love, support &
    prayer you have shown 2 Brooke. You are an inspiration to many & faithful prayer worrier.


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