Tuesday, February 5, 2013

and then there was TP...

Taylor Pritchard
How do I begin?
22 years ago this evening, I sat in a hospital bed, and Brendan and my sister and I played Cribbage and other stupid card games.  I had been there since about 8am when they tried to 'start' enducing me.  At about 9pm they said, OK...go home and come back tomorrow and there will be a baby. 

I was 40+ weeks pregnant.  She was born by C-Section at just before 9pm on February 6, 1991.  Tomorrow is her birthday. 

22 - what a number.  She survived her first year as 'an adult' quite well!  She still lives at home - WHICH we love, as we still get to enjoy her, but as we watch -- she is slowing preparing herself to be on her own.  It never really bothered me when she started school, or when she ended high school.  When she went away for college - that was an adjustment, but knowing that she is soon to really leave the nest, I am beginning to see and experience some 'withdrawl'. 
She has a fire within her.  She is more like Brendan than she is like me, but that is a GOOD thing.  She is funny, very personalble and well loved.  She is adventerous to a point, eager to learn new things, and loves loves loves some little kids - special cousins and others.   She has many friends and several close ones that keep her humble.  She also mentors a few, loves even more, and keeps a tab on her brother.   

I was the oldest of 9.  When Brendan and I wanted to start a family, it was a determined there would be only 1-2 kids.  We were being selfish.  We wanted quality time with them.   WE wanted to give our kids everything they needed and then share some extra with them.  Brendan and I were always about 'memories' ...giving them memories.  Trips to museums.   Day trips to Disney or just out of town for dinner.  Trips North to see family.  Trips just to the beach.  And then the experiences....a pet...her own room...birthday parties....volleyball....music lessons....and any type of ART book or supply imagined! 

She is a GREAT kid...she no longer is a kid, she is a wonderful woman of God.  She may only be 22 but she is wise beyond her years.  She won't admit it, but she has become one of my dearest friends, but I admit, I probably share TOO much at times with her. 

I do long for the day, when I get to help her plan her wedding, or at least share in it.  And I know, God will bring her that perfect man, HE has been preparing for her in HIS time.  I have been praying for him since she was a baby!   I can't wait to help her SET UP her classroom as she helped me in mine ---many many many times.  I also CAN wait to be there, in the outside waiting room when her first born arrives.  I pray God gives me and Brendan those tidbits of blessings. 

She has a calling on her life and she knows it.  I know God has great plans for her, HE continues to reveal them to her often!  When she shares her faith, people listen. 

Taylor is ...like a tree, planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither and whatever she does..shall prosper  ( psalm 1.3 ) cause she has already stood some storms within her life and she has obeyed.  She shall prosper, cause she contiues to put HIM first.  HE knows her heart. 

Happy Birthday, I wish you the BEST 2013 and year 22...as this will be the year you graduate from College and  this will be the year when God will show you HIS next step for you!  I am so proud of you.  Your dad is equally proud and we know, you are HIS.  Words are hard to come by to really capture what we feel for you, we marvel often, 'how did we get this great of kid?'....'it was God, only God could of made you this way'...we only take credit for the blonde hair and athletic ability!

 Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established.  Provers 16.3

seek justice, love MERCY, walk humbly with our God..Micah 6.8

God is so proud of you -  it is through tears,  I say, bless you my child-

Happy Birthday!  xxxoo - 'ma'

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