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..part II - Reinhart Bonnke Gospel Fest

If you look closely, you can see the 'top' of my hair under Brendan's profile at Praise and Worship time...and that is my Pastor right there in the forefront in the black shirt - hands lifted!

I love this!  

And this is Mr. Bonnke on the 2nd night - we were sitting this close, this is what I saw as he preached!
Ok, I have to share a few photos... I wanted to make sure I shared about the miracles and the 2nd night of the Gospel Fest.

What a tremendous outpouring.  This was the 'first' American Crusade and so therefore, MANY kinks had to be worked out.  The 2nd night was just as exciting as the first, but all of the organization issues and just little housekeeping things were figured out.

Rev. Bonnke mentioned the Holy Spirit had told him and confirmed that the CFaN or Christ for All NAtions would indeed to  do another crusade in America.  Brendan quoted Daniel Kolenda often and Mr. Bonnke did too...'what is the difference between the people in Africa and America?...what is the key that makes the crusade?....why is there SO many miracles and unbelievable moments there....and maybe not here?  ....the difference is YOU!'.  We make the difference.  There is a LACK of faith here in America - we are tainted.  We just are. If you remember that Jesus spoke about that, he did 'less' miracles within his hometown and more outside of that, as the people nearest him were the most deceived.

 Deceived.  I wa.  I was deceived  for so long.  However, I was able to witness the  unbelievable stuff and I know it was an act of God. When people are SO hungry and willing to be obedient - GOD can move.  THERE is power in HIS name!

Today as I was driving, I heard the song from Kutless  "What Faith can do".  What a song, for literally years, I have sung that song and each time, tears will wash me,  tears.....

      God can move the mountains.... hope that never ends, even when the sky is falling...
     Impossible is not a word, just a reason for someone not to try.....
     Everybody takes a step ..out on the will be  all right....
.....don't you give up now, the sun will soon be shining, you have to face the clouds to see the silver lining!

Anyway, I wish I could plug in the music right here and let that song play as I write, there were over 400+ people added to the Kingdom of Heaven through this outreach.   As I said earlier, it was most touching to see a very older couple come forward for the gift of salvation.

  I witnessed a lady with a cane hobble to the stage, get prayed for, and get up - not needing her cane and with tears of wonderment, just stand there in awe as it just stopped her and she was overcome with emotion.

I listened to an RN who has had a recent 6 month battle with (forgive my spelling) fibromalagia  and  had to stop working because of severe pain..... but that week, she had decided that God was going to heal her, and she made a job interview and came forward for prayer and knows - she was healed.   She just knew it was HIS timing to heal her and going to the Crusade and being prayed for was a leap of faith.  Mr. Bonnke or Mr. Kolenda did not do the healing...God did...her faith did...She was bending without pain, excited to go to the job interview in a few days, and just knew she was going to be fine.  She could not wait to get to our area and share the news.  Brendan and I were to be listening to the stories of healing and then celebrating with the faithful and getting their names and so forth but we were also to be discerning as to 'whom' would share publicly.    Sharing would be important as it encourages others.  I know this first hand - I clung to stories and listened to women who had been in my shoes and found healing and restoration within their marriages.....I realized how important it was to hear of God's miracles and HIS favor.    So, as we listened and prayed, and I did not do it on prupose, but I began to allow the Enemy to whisper in my head, 'you are not qualified to do this, how do you know they are not faking it?' flesh was taking over....

Oh how I HATE the Enemy and now I can so recognize his lies, that I boldly claimed right there, to myself, "get the hell away from me Satan"..."God has placed me here cause I know! - through HIM!".

I will know THROUGH HIM!

 And I continued to pray, listen and then this lady..the RN came to me.  I believe it was God helping me discern.   Now I say, 'RN'...funny how when she told me that and I heard 'RN' ...then my mind was like 'judging' that it was real.    And, she did share her testimony and I continued to listen to others and like I said, by our 2nd night -- things went very well.   There were more healings on the 2nd night, as I know people were less skeptical and there was more faith.  I know my faith increased.

But back to that 'RN' thing, God was beginning to really teach and show me about judging....

Oh how God has been showing me these past few days about judging.....that is another blog.

Anyway -- her healing was real.  I am so sure that I will see her again, probably at church maybe or somewhere if not now, in heaven and she will remind me or ask, 'do you remember me?'  And I will say, "YES...I do.... You're  the woman God used to remind me that HE is in control and HE heals and HE does what HE wants to do and that our FAITH is the key and to trust HIM and where HE has placed me!"

And, to wrap this blog entry up,  as I was searching the web for a photo of a miracle, and then I searched the Crusade and images...I came across the first photo I placed into this blog.  As I said, you can clearly see my Pastor praising God, but if you look carefully front of his nose... you will see the profile of my husband.  And that blond next to him is me -- I am actually on his right side.

In that photo,  I see a healing...a miracle....that man there is my husband, excited to be in a place of worship and I believe he was MORE excited about this weekend than our entire team...LOL...well, maybe not.  That man is the man God told me he would be, like DAvid a man after God's own heart.  THAT is what I would hold onto each time I listened to that Kutless song or any time it felt like God was not moving the mountain.   I received a BIG healing - emotionally - again on this night.  God is so faithful.

What a miracle I witnessed as I heard my husband say, "I just got so overwhelmed, what I had been praying for for months happened, it was such a blessing from God."...As you see,  I DO know HOW he feels....I have witnessed much and when ones prayers are answered and answered BEYOND what you expect...that can ONLY be God and a increases our faith.  It helps me encourage another.  IT gives me hope.  I pray it gives others hope too!

This weekend will long be a pivotal moment in our walk with Christ - for both of us.  And for many.

We are sad many  we had hoped, did not get the chance to attend, especially the ones we invited - but we both know - GOD knows....GOD has them....GOD will win!  


Humbled, Michelle

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