Sunday, February 17, 2013

...been quiet....true repentance bears fruit...

Not so sure how long this post will be.

Been thinking and praying a lot.

Last week in the Beth Moore bible study of 'When Godly people do Ungodly things', I was that a word?  God reminded me, HE does not want me to forget.  HE reminded me that before I was 'good' and 'proud'....  or 'had'...but now all I want to be is 'healed'.

I claimed a BIG healing within the last month and I believe it.  However, with that claim, the Enemy came right back with vengeance!   Good thing for HIS word.  Ex. 14.14.  God fought for me, I needed only to be still.

Am I making any sense?   I guess I am trying to just be brief.  (You may have to go back and read my post 'do not judge' first.)

Beth Moore wrote in the lessons for the week....."Muster up every bit of courage within you and ask God to baptize you in a tide of sorrow over your sin.  Ask HIm to do it for as long as necessary until full repentance comes.".    I guess THAT is WHAT HE has been working on me with.....

......mustering up the courage to really repent over my 'judgements'.
Repent over my thoughts.
Repent over allowing the Enemy to sneak his way back in for a bit.

I mean, we are never perfect and this life is challenging.....and will continue to be a challenge, that is what makes it interesting!

And this evening, HE blessed my socks off again.  Just by being in HIS word, my mind is renewed and I get a new insight and knowledge of HIS doings.

And, HE blessed me today- fellowship with my Pastor and his wife and a new couple.  HE blessed me with the ability to 'relate' and share and tell of HOW good God has been to us...and to know and see, WHAT happens with we walk by faith and not by sight.  To be in 'this' side is like living from glory to glory.



While in HIS word, I believe God was saying, "well done girl...continue to do what I am guiding you to do'..walk with ME, enjoy my Presence and be thankful."

 Beth Moore says:  "True repentance bears fruit.  I am convinced that anyone who has been wholeheartedly, sincerely, and purely devoted to Christ,  and yet,  has gone through the horror of seduction,   will come out of it-- with a humility that can last a lifetime."

Me, Michelle...says:    ....I am counting on that!  I am a witness to that!  I mean me...I believe fruit has been created!

I am seeing much fruit and it is amazing!

 God is much bigger than anything I have been through...or have seen thus far, and if I did not believe that - I would be history!

True repentance also swells grace.  I have seen that too.  I have experienced the grace God has given me.  It brings tears to my eyes, I am most thankful!
 I  have heard a loved one tell me, he is thankful for the grace I gave him.

Grace heals.
I know we are healed. God has left scars - but that is to remind us of the pain and it keeps us humble.
I am healed.
Now to enter into this 'next chapter' or sequel of our lives.

So blessed.
So blessed.
Humbled Lord, humbled.  G'nite!

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