Thursday, February 21, 2013

...astonishing things.....

The photo says it best, when we yield ourselves, to speak HIS words by the power of HIS spirit, astonishing things can happen.....

God wins.
God heals.
God answers prayer.
God does unbelievable things.
The God that placed the stars in heaven, formed me....and loves me just as much as HE loved David....I am after HIS own heart - like David.

People say we need God...but HE really needs me....for fellowship, that is why I was created.

I sit here humbled, so humbled at 'what' HE has done for me.

And I don't want to forget WHAT HE did on the cross for me...for my family...for others.

When we yield ourselves....when we take our hands off of stuff, when we allow the hurt to hurt, when we allow HIS pruning, when we allow GOD to change the hearts and heads........

When we yield ourselves, and it is really ONLY by HIS my flesh can't do it on its own......

THEN...astonishing things happen.
Miracles happen.
MArriages are restored.
People get healing - physically and emotionally.
People change.
Mountains are moved.
Things happen.
Smiles are appreciated.
Sadness is a little less 'sad'...and even when our circumstances seem ....hopeless, we have HOPE.

When we yield.


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