Monday, September 28, 2015

Desperate Prayers #2

So today's prayer is about hold on.

However, over an hour ago - a call from our son proved to be a bit - disheartening.  His house burned.  There was a house fire and the major damage was his room.  He lost everything.

I meet with several women each day and we pray.  Today I was running late and quickly added myself the to lot of women and men listening to prayer requests.  I did not hear all of them, only the last few and then the one next to me said,  "does anyone feel led to pray this am?".  

I hesitated for only and moment and began to pray, even though I did not know the requests - but GOD DID.

And, for some reason....I felt the need to pray for PROVISION.  And I did.  I was unsure of the how and what or why the Holy Spirit brought that to my attention and I even walked away from the room back to my own room and thought..."Lord, who was that for?  And then I said, maybe it is for me?".

Tonight - it is 1137 am.  And it dawned on me.....Provision....God provides.  
I was able to call a sub,  seek my Principal via cell phone and let him know I was taking a day off and ......both my Husband and I will drive to see our son in the am -- and provide.

He has savings, not nearly enough to replace his clothing and necessary items to live -- but we, his parents can, provide for him.  I admit -- my savings is pretty low -- but as my dear new friend reminded me -- THIS life is temporary and stuff can be replaced.

God's provision.

Every time while in college - when I had a need - God provided.  I am grateful and thankful to God that I can help provide for our homeless and shirtless son.....    

My thought pattern for prayer this eve was to HOLD on.... and to ENDURE.....and I am going to add in -- to PROVIDE..... 

Lord, I come to you this eve and I pray for those couples that you have brought to our attention and to maybe the one wife that may be be reading this tonight...God I pray that first, the enemy would LEAVE them alone for this evening and I pray that within the marriage if it is the wife that is wanting to be 'out'...or if it is the husband -- THAT the enemy would just LEAVE them be this evening and as they lay their head on the pillow,---they would stop and think -- just maybe...just maybe...YOU are there and YOU can change the other. 

 Lord, I pray that the one who wants the marriage the most...will hold on and endure and wait...wait on YOU YOU can restore the ancient ruins...  You can rebuild, but sometimes Lord it takes SO long to get that answer. 

 I pray that they will read Isaiah 61 and be reminded that YOU proclaim freedom for the captives and YOU  will comfort all who mourn...that YOU will rebuild the ancient ruins and YOU can rebuild their love and their marriage.  I pray that tomorrow the one who has that lonely heart, the one that is hurting and seeking YOU will see something in their spouse tomorrow...something that gives them HOPE to endure...HOPE to hang in there and HOPE to believe that YOU will do for them..what YOU did for us. 

 I thank you for my restored marriage and I thank you that the enemy did not win.  God again, I bind that enemy away from these marriages and I pray you will loose extra protection angels to them -- to watch over and when there is any doubt being voiced -- that those angels will shout loudly -- that YOU win.  And I thank you for the marriage of my child -- what a true blessing and display of redemption -- I want that for all the women I pray with.....


 And Lord, I pray that those hurting women ..or men..would reach out and ask YOU to bring to them  a mentor to pray with - someone they can reach out too...close to them.  I ask that those 'oaks of righteousness' will notice and stand in the gap.  


And I pray you will PROVIDE....  YOUR provision Lord on these marriages, on these women and men that are holding on to something -- believing in a marriage that will be restored or believing in that wayward child that has walked away from You God.  


Lord, I pray you will provide the right counsel -- 

Lord, I pray you will provide the mentors to speak like into them -- 

Lord, I pray for my own son this eve - give him peace beyond all understanding and may he know and see that YOU are providing for his every need.  

And Lord, for that one couple that waited and waited and were faithful and now it seems the healthy part of marriage...the sex part..... is being sabotaged.  Lord, only you can change the hearts and minds of them both - 


And Lord, there is one ....beginning the process of divorce -- help her.  She believes this is YOUR will -- then close the right doors and open others.  Lord, YOU know.  


Lord, for the one this eve ....that is still so caught in the middle cause the spouse won't move forward, nor acknowledge the past....there needs to be repentance - period - may she see that and soon. 


Lord, for the ones that need -- a job, money, or even just that hug - provide.  

And Lord, for the BEST sales tomorrow as we clothe HP....may it not strip our pocketbook - provide Lord.  IN Jesus name, Amen.  

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