Monday, September 7, 2015

What can I say?

When someone is hurting so badly around you --  what can you do or say?  You pray. 

There is a person that has been heavy on my heart today - so I am writing a prayer.  It will make me 'feel' better and yet -- I can't really give it to this person - as I don't believe this beloved one will receive it -- yet!  

I am unsure of his or her heart at the moment -- will they truly receive God's love or are they so angry with a hard heart?   As I plant the seed of prayer,  -- will  it will just fall into the weeds and get chocked out?    Only God knows.  I pray that HE will use this -- in a creative way! 

Dear Lord, I pray for this one -- who has lost the passion to wake up, move forward, and see Your will in all of this present circumstance.   I pray for this person and know that in this intense pain and suffering ...YOU can be Lord and King within his  life.  Lord, YOU are the alpha and the omega - the beginning and the end and You have allowed  this trial within his life ....but YOU are right there. 

God I pray this beloved one will fall upon the knees that are strong and yet so week, and I pray that as Your beloved falls, they call upon You.  I pray she calls upon You for help.  I pray she calls upon You for forgiveness and she calls upon YOU for some hope.    Lord, I pray she  will call upon You as Your word affirms to me that when she  calls upon YOU -- YOU will find her....and she  will find You.
 Jer. 29.12-13.....  Call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all of your heart.  

Lord, this beloved's heart is torn, badly ripped in half and there does not seem to be a way to patch it together.  Lord, this beloved's one heart is maybe anything of YOU right now...cause I have this feeling -- he could be blaming YOU.  How could you Lord....???  How could you allow this hurt to happen?  Were you not watching God?  Did you not see your troubled one and not STOP it?   Lord, I pray that 'if' these thoughts are swelling within the thoughts of Your beloved...then, I pray that as the anger the hurt the quietness of a still moment...I pray YOUR beloved hears YOUR voice Lord, and seeks Your forgiveness.... but I believe Your beloved has to find You first Lord.  He will have to forgive the hurt, forgive the circumstances, and forgive the situations... He will have to forgive himself, others, and forgiveness is something he will become an expect in.   And I believe that Your beloved will rise up OUT Of these ashes....but in the meantime -- bind the enemy away from Your beloved....and protect them. 

And Lord, as I close this prayer, I trust that You are in the middle of this crisis of faith.  I believe that Your Love can heal his/her pain.  I believe that a relationship with Your Holy Spirit is what is needed to gain power and move beyond this deep and terrible pain and hurt..... Lord, there is family around this beloved one, speak to them  - help them to speak life.  Lord, for the friends around this one - help them to speak life to him/her.  Lord, for the ones YOU will use within this one's life within the next few days....may YOUR glory be revealed, may YOUR will be done, and may this one that is heavy on my heart -- feel HOPE in YOU. 

So with that -- I release this beloved one into YOUR hands....and I will trust that YOU will comfort, as only YOU can.     IN Jesus name, amen.

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