Tuesday, February 14, 2017

So the reality is the marriage is broken - Part VII - Redemption

God has been showing me something through the lives of some others and I have found myself writing a sort of 'plan' for a wife that has asked for help. 

 I have written this plan over and over and in different ways and I am believing God wants me to publish it and have it here for another to share with a friend and have some hope.  

I am not a psychologist or a life coach.  I am just a woman, who loves God, seeks the power of the Holy Spirit, and knows Jesus as her best friend.  I have lived a little bit.  Life's experiences have certainly  been played out and I am pretty sure God is not finished with me yet, but I am going to attempt to share a couple of blogs that I pray God will use to help foster some hope and to encourage a wife who is hurting and broken that God is fighting for her and God will win!   

This is a series of 7 particular blog posts.  It is my desire  that if you come  to this series, you will read all 7 of them but that you would also feel free to share them with another. 

 If you have walked through seasons in a marriage where you felt the vows were shattered or were never honored -- and you are still married -- it is a miracle.!!

 And did God provide?  I am sure He did.  So perhaps, you can use this series to help encourage another.   ( That is my prayer and feel free to share this link or blog post with another) .

 If this is your first time here and you wish to read Part 1, here is the link: 

God Wins

So, as I close this series, I asked God - what do I share?

 Redemption for me is when God gave me 360's.   I call them that.  360's.   For example, we spent 2 very awkward anniversaries some years ago.  One he totally ignored and one was when we were separated and at the end of that  day, I got a message, "hey, for what it is worth, I hope you had a good day, happy anniversary".   I remember getting the text around 10pm while I was standing in the parking lot of our Insurance Office.  It was late.  I was probably working or something, but I remember standing there and praying to God, "really??".

A year  after that very awkward text, the next anniversary was the  1st day of school at my new job.  I had this tradition of running to the teacher store in that pre-planning week and once again, I wanted to do that.  Due to timing,   the only day to achieve this,   was the first day of school and my anniversary.  My son and husband would be at soccer,  so I agreed to head to the coast with a friend.  I went from my new job, to her car,  and off to the Teacher's Pet.  We got home about 8pm.  I pulled into our driveway around 8:30 and walked into the kitchen to find a dozen roses waiting for me.  And there was a card.  Happy 24th -- to a new start!  I was floored.  God had given me a 360 and placed a GOOD and AWESOME memory over the yucky one.

That to me is redemption.

 In a home where the kids did not want to stay-- at  our healing house the kids brought their friends to play ping pong, play poker, and even have sleep overs.    Redemption.  360.

At soccer tourney's where I would watch my husband choose to sit FAR away from me, he was now sitting right next to me and planning date nights.    Redemption.   360. 

When a son would scream and slam a door and reluctantly spend time with his dad, they now talk daily on the phone, plan to attend ball games together,  and our son seeks his dad's blessing.   Redemption.  360.

Our daughter once wrote a letter to her dad stating that she had no respect for him and that he needed Jesus.  Fast Forward to  the lovely letter she wrote him on her wedding day stating that his love for Christ and displayed faith had given her the confirmation  to know that indeed God choose Jake for her!   Redemption.  360.

God had given me a word, "Brendan will rebuild the house".  I have seen redemption where my husband has been able to rebuild much.  God has used him in a mighty way and for the past 6 years, we have been renting and this past month, we began the process to literally REBUILD the house and he has taken the lead with the architect and building our dream home is for me ...just an added benefit or 360.    It will take a little time, but we believe that by our 30th anniversary, we will have a party in our home!!

I could go on and on. 

We believe God can do miracles.
God did not create us to live a life of just 'getting by' or 'mediocrity'.
 God enjoys this victory as much as we do.

We marvel at what HE has done.  And we have watched him restore much but also redeem.

And we believe that we are to be used.  So, when God uses us to give hope to another couple -- it is truly a blessing to see 'this couple' or one we prayed with......continue to hope in  God!

We are not perfect.  We have disagreements and even as recently as a few days ago, I believe the Lord brought to the surface something we needed to NOW address.  And  I did it with God in the lead.

Words are powerful and something was said that triggered this and that.... but it also reveled something.  But, as I dug down deep in prayer and bathed it in prayer -- I had to believe that God would win.  And he did.

God is good.  God wins.


I pray that WHOEVER  comes  to this blog series:  I pray they will indeed believe in your promises.  I pray that they will experience Your grace and mercy.  I pray that as they read, they are seeing glimmers of hope and   will believe that You want a 'God wins' experience for her or him as well.  I pray that these words will be used to glorify You and Your Kingdom and I pray that You will be famous -- as indeed Lord, I am most grateful for a Heavenly Father that is very real and very present in our lives.  

Bless our marriage Lord, bless our children -- may our children and grandchild learn from us and NEVER experience the situations we got our selves into, but may they always feel free to come and seek us to pray .   And most of all...may our daughter's marriage be a reflection of Your grace and mercy and I pray you would bless them and their children.  Bless them Lord, may they always place You first and may they be humble before You and acknowledge who their Father is.   And I pray for our son and wherever our future daughter-n- love is -- I pray a blessing upon her  ( them ) right now as well.   Lord, for his present season, may he continue to seek You in every situation and may he be humbled in your sight and may he walk in Your will.  
In Your timing Lord, may I have them ALL for Christmas dinner -- and soon, in our Redemption House!   Lord, thank you -- as we are in our 30th year of marriage -- and it is official as of August 15h -- but Lord -- thank you,  In Jesus name.  Amen.  

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