Sunday, February 19, 2017

Press in and HOLD on....

The Lord brought me to something this morning,  I believe He  spoke into my heart -- "remind the women that they have a GREAT God!".  

This came to me during worship at the Propel Event in Orlando last December.  I went with great exceptions to hear and see a great move of God and within the first 10 minutes of worship, He spoke and I had 4 pages written in my journal.  I could not write fast enough.  I sat down in awe and wonder.   

Then the speakers spoke.  But for today, as my bladder and God awoke me at 4.21, I went to my couch and began to read.  I read in Ephesians 1-2 and was reminded of my power in Christ.  Our power in Christ Jesus.  I was reminded that I am a fellow citizen  with the saints!  And that Jesus Christ is my cornerstone.  

This week has certainly been a blessing to me -- if you read my previous blog, we signed a contract on a home.  A lake condo.  ( That sounds so Palm Beachish....)  But after moving four times and renting the past 61/2 years, were are ready to be completed and move into our home.  7.  This is the 7th year since our house sort of broke apart so with God's perfect timing and number -- it fits.   So, with all that sweet goodness, OF COURSE I can smile, write a blog and encourage.  Encouraging when it hurts is truly an act of God --  but also knowing that He is going to redeem and restore is something I held onto so tightly when we were in the midst of darkness and uncertainty.  

So, I am unsure exactly WHERE   you are at this moment,  today as you are reading this;  but I went to 3 other blogs where there was a theme of HOPE and perhaps one of these will help you get through this next 5 minutes, the next 5 hours, or maybe it will hold you for the next 5 years.   Sometimes the wait is very long.  I am reminded of Moses and his 40 years, Joseph and his 13 years, and even Jesus waiting from the age of 12 to about 33!   Waiting seems to be something God uses.  

I want to remind you - God does keep His promises and He can change people. 
 He can change you! 

Often WHAT IS revealed in us -- can't come to the surface until you don't get what you want!!   THAT is our true self.  Our mouth and lives must line up with God's Word !   Perhaps that is what God is waiting on -- waiting on YOU to do some changing and He can then move forward with your husband or children.  Is He waiting on you?

What comes out of our hearts -- is what God is looking at.  So often we can smile and look so perfect and deep inside there is pride, lust, greed, and unforgiveness -- and yet, no one could tell from the outside until something happens and then maybe our true self comes out.

I think our world has this 'theme' right now to - JUST accept it. 

 NO way -- we serve a mighty God and I won't just accept it.  I am going to stand on God's Word and use that as my guide.  I am going to stand on His Word!  So, in His Word it says, I have a purpose and He has great plans for me.  His Word reminds me  that He is the alpha and the omega and I am not the head nor the tail -- but I am WITH Him - seated at His side.  And I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

YA!!  Right now I am playing Lion and the Lamb by Big Daddy Weave.  
I had to write it that big - as the words get me fired up.  I am MORE than just me -- I am one with Christ.   And His Word says that I can do EVEN more than what Jesus did....!!  That is power.

So, with that -- whatever it  IS this day -- I pray you will grab your bible and go directly to Ephesians 1-3 and read  and when you get to 3.20 -- STAND and declare that need and allow God to fulfill  His Will, In Jesus name.   Amen.

And perhaps you will follow these links and read more - I pray that one of these blogs will give you the needed hope to press in, hold on,  and believe in a miracle for your marriage, your children, yourself, or even the one right in your circle of influence that God placed on your heart.   He wants you to see the victory!  

I am humbled that God even uses this blog for one person to read -- may it indeed be an encouragement!   - Michelle

Exodus 14.14

A Message of Hope - David Wilkerson

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