Monday, February 20, 2017

Still Waiting -- and God speaks.

Adam saw God.   ( Gen 3. 8-9)  Moses met with Him personally.   ( Numbers 12. 6-8) Paul also saw the risen Jesus on the road to Damascus. ( Acts 9)  

God speaks.  God spoke through angels, for example Peter was visited in prison.  ( Acts 5)  In the Old Testament angels appeared to Abraham, Lot, and David and other prophets.   Sometimes God speaks audibly.   A voice from heaven was heard at Jesus' baptism. ( Luke 3)  Pauls heard the audible voice on the road to Damascus ( Acts 9).  A voice was heart by the boy Samuel ( 1Samuel) and on the other occasions in scripture.

God can speak to you while being caught up in the Spirit, in a trance, and in open visions.   But you can also have mental pictures, dreams, or internally hear an expression or just a simple knowing.

God can also speak through our natural senses in a supernatural way.  That is, we received supernatural knowing or understanding that is triggered by something in our natural senses.  Taste, touch, and smell all can produce similar understanding if we are carefully listening to our spirits.

I belive God speaks to me through others as well.  As I stated in a previous blog, my husband and I have a new COUPLES crush on this team of "Don and Sandy".  Again today, we spent a blessed two hours at lunch just listening, answering questions, and sharing.  God used them, of course, to have both BP and me check some things out as they spoke about a book we read back in our School of Leaders class.  In looking through my notebook, I was pleased with the blessings in the margins of my notebook.  I went through this class while our marriage was still in crisis.  So, it was such a sweet blessing to read what was in my head then.

   In looking at this information, I just marveled at WHAT God has done!

 When I was taking notes, I was also documenting the different ways God had been speaking to me  and I found this:

It is actually a record of the 'audibles' that I had experienced by that point in my life.  By the time we had this particular class,  I had  been to my Encounter with God a few months previously.   These School of Leaders classes were  my obedience, my way of digging deeper into God's Word.  I wanted WHATEVER I could to get closer to God to know more and be victorious.     And, in the margins, I wrote God many little notes about my other half and his present thoughts  and then I would read scripture in that book that just reminded me over and over - God was in control.

This past weekend, I have interceded for a few that are REALLY tired of waiting on the miracle needed in their marriage or in their life.  It can get depressing or frustrating as we continue to wait on God and we don't seem to see anything moving.  BUT -- God is at work and God is indeed fighting on Your behalf.   So, I am not sure you can actually SEE what I wrote in the margin, but I will share:

this  past weekend, coming home from JAX - "not sure WHAT you are telling me God".
Oct/08  "love him where he is at"
Sept/ 09 "hand in there baby - Kay Arthur"
July/10 "you never have to explain yourself again - I have him"
July/10 "I will use you with women"
Aug/10 "I will bring him home  BUT he isn't finished  yet"
Feb/11 "9 months was my  ( Chell's)  fixing"
March/11 "be still and wait"
April /11 "hold on do not give up"
April 25, 2011 "I have him -- you can't change him"

And these are on the bottom of the page:
 "surrender  -- don't take him  back" 
"spiritual warfare  - learn HOW to fight" 
"He can't love you until He loves me first"  

So -

Lord, as this blog is read, I pray the one waiting on YOU, I pray that she or her will continue to dig deep into your word.  I pray that are wanting to walk with You and Grow with you.   I pray they find themselves in Your Word each day.  I pray they are exposing themselves with spiritually mature people and teachings.  I pray they are connected to a church where they are being fed on a weekly basis.  I pray their passion for You and Your Word grows for Your purposes.  I pray they constantly ASK You for more.  I pray that as they mature in their faith, they will see and know - You are fighting  for you and believe that You will indeed win in this present crisis of faith.  Lord I pray they ask You to mature them.  I pray they expect to be used by You -- and I pray that they will take risks, pray bold prayers for their husband or wayward child, but indeed use scripture and bolding bind the enemy and loose on earth what is in heaven!   Lord, I pray this would encourage that one reading it -- to wait but also to ask and hear from You.  
I pray that as I know You speak to her or him...they will listen and obey.  

Lord, I pray a blessing on my man -- thank you for speaking to me in those times -- holding me, reminding me of Your promise that from way back  -- two years prior to the earthquake  -- you were preparing me and I praise God that I listened and obeyed.   You are using me with women -- God but YOU are doing this.   I do want more still....    I want all of You.  

In Jesus name - amen.  

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