Thursday, March 27, 2014

I am...

  Sherry and I hosted our 3rd Cell Group Meeting  this evening.  If you are in Okeechobee and you don't go to a church or have not plugged into a small group /bible study of some sort -- I will invite you to join ours.  We meet on Thursdays, at 6:30 pm at our Insurance Office.   ( Pritchards & Associates ) We are usually done by 8:15 but some like to stay and linger...or have some extra  prayer time.

What is Cell Group?   I am a member of Fountain of Life Church, and I am a Cell Pastor.  I have been  trained and have been commissioned by my Pastor(s) to be a mentor/leader for a weekly meeting or a cell meeting.  At a Cell Group - our  mission is to share  God's word and help our 'peeps' relate it to their life.  We want to bring MORE lost souls into the Kingdom of God and so a Cell Group is also outreach and a network of sort.  We eat, pray, talk, share, pray, learn, pray, and eat more...kind of in that order.   And there is a set rule - 'what is said in Vegas stays in Vegas'.  Women need accountability but we also need a safe place to walk out our faith and allow as the Scriptures  say,   'iron sharpens iron'.  We are a group of women - no men.  ( Men have their own cell groups! - My husband meets with his Cell Pastor each Saturday morning at 8:30 am at our Insurance Office - if your husband or boyfriend needs a cell group - join them!)  The direction of the group and our 'lesson' is based upon HOW the Lord leads.

I am VERY excited.   Elated.  Stirred.  Blessed.   ------It is almost 1am and I have  yet to crawl into bed -- I have been writing and writing.  Thinking, praying...and sharing with my husband how tonight presented itself -- well, I can't share everything with him -- but what a joy it is to share what God did.   Again -- this would be a 'secret' prayer of my heart -- God knows I long to be in ministry WITH my man.

 I had a Cell group of young ladies about 2 years ago on Tuesday nights.  My table had anywhere from 5 to 20 girls at one point coming and it was a BLAST.  Speaking LIFE into another is one of the most awesome things I can do for God.  So, tonight, I thought I would share a bit.

 Ok, God -- Unsure if I will  share an update like  this each week, but tonight's time with  these awesome women of God was over the TOP.  So -- God -- I will share a bit and maybe, it will entice another to seek some sisters in Christ or even visit us...THAT YOU are glorified God.   And LORD, THANK you for what you did during our cell group time -- that YOU showed up so beautifully and SPOKE to each heart there - right there...I truly know these ladies left - uplifted and ready for the weekend - righteous in YOU.  

Thank you Lord, 


Here is a bit of a recap of our meeting tonight.

First off, I am an heir.  An heir is a person legally entitled to the property or rank of that other person until that person's death.

So, in Romans 8.37 it basically says I am a joint-heir with Christ.  So, I am a person, legally entitled to the property and rank of I am with Him.  That is like AWESOME !   How can it get better?

I will be blessed as I do HIS word and walk in it.  ( James 1, 22-25)
I am a believer and HIS light shines in me....( 2 Cor 4.4)
I am a spirit being - alive to God. ( Rom 6. 11 )
I am a new creature in Christ ( 2 Cor 5.17)
I am God's workmanship, created in CHrist to do good works. ( Eph 2.10)

and....and....and .... and...THERE are many!

You can really google search or find dozens of web sites that give more verses and studies of WHOM we are in Christ.  I only touched on a few.  But after we looked up several, we each picked an index card and then read the verse 'we picked' and then shared....

Now, WHAT is said and revealed at CELL Group is like Vegas.  You know - 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'...but I have to share just a bit - I believe my ladies won't mind.  THIS is a part of what I could share with my husband.  I want to encourage the ladies that gave up a good 2 hours of their precious time this evening, but I also want to encourage others -- God has THIS for YOU too!

Ok - now to the 'good stuff'.....

  God reminded us --
Michelle, you are alive in Me ( Eph 2.5) as I can tell you get SO Excited about sharing Me with others and you have become more alive in the past few years and it is exciting.  C, it is so pleasing to Me to see you share Your knowledge with others as I am the Greater One living within you.   A, thank you for sharing to the others about how you are free from the law of sin and death ..what prophetic words spoken over you, I believe and know you understand you are free from all of the 'whatever' in the past.   I covered it.  And H, I know you received My Word and You are just beginning to understand how complete you are in Me and Only Me...I am your 'it'.  I am the one that HAS your back. My forgiveness is complete.  K, as you care for so many others you are reminded often of life and death and You have been protected and I have kept the evil one off of you as you are favored.  S, your mind is not only mine - I gave you that gift of funny as you share My word in such a compassionate way I am teaching you and am so proud of you. And M, that peace that I know you experience more often now, is what others will see in you as you walk now in this path of redemption and restoration. Just know I am completely satisfied in you just allowing stuff to transpire right now - you don't have to try and 'do anything' else.  You will be in ministry soon enough - right now, just be still and have peace and let me work.  And Last but not least - T, You were given that gift of righteousness a LONG time ago - it is such a blessing to see you walk in that now.   And T, you don't need to do anything else as well, just continue to walk with me.  I am very pleased with all of you women that believe you are a joint heir with me.
You are some of my prized possessions.  May you all understand WHO you are in Me.  - God

And Lord, I add...for the women that were absent this eve --
For the ones that WANT to come but have not been able to get there --
And for the new ones YOU will bring to our group - GOD - touch them, remind them HOW wonderful they are and righteous -- in YOU - amen.!!

So, as I finish this post this evening - I will just say - THANK YOU heart is full.
May there be a few more that want to join us -- use me Lord, amen.

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