Monday, March 31, 2014

praying for a marriage - mine and others...

Lord God....I am asking you today to speak to each of the wives and husbands that are on my mind....that may read this blog prayer, and for myself...
Lord God, I pray that we will ALL be still to hear your voice and allow YOU to fill our hearts with life and peace.
Lord God, may you be first...not our marriage...not our problems...not our heartache...but YOU -
Lord God, may we worship you and not our spouses or problems...
Lord God, I know you desire to walk with me -- but too often we are too busy to listen and walk slowly with you - God, I pray for each one that reads this today -- that they will make a point of walking slower and listening more intently....
Lord God, I pray that each person within these marriages will submit wholeheartedly to YOU the Lord - the living God.
Lord God - that each of these people....individually will put YOU first and make YOU their first love....and submit to You and your lead and that YOU may be their highest priority.
Lord God, as these couples work on issues....speak to each other.....and move forward...and as a few of them learn that YOU can redeem them....I pray peace and joy over their circumstance...may they find you in the quietness of their thoughts -- and may they STAY there.
Lord God, I pray they will put You first - amen.  

This morning I was reminded that - GOD wins and HE has a great plan -- HE designed marriage and HE designed it well......HE fully wants everyone to enjoy the fruits and benefits of a healthy marriage - God my desire is that this focus and these prayers will encourage just ONE couple -- to persist!  


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