Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NEVER underestimate the God I follow....

  I clearly heard God impress upon me today - something.  HE used the Holy  Spirit and it was so clear -- got those chill bumps and such a feeling of elation.  I was in MEGA prayer for many sisters in Christ and brothers in Christ too that are being SO terribly attacked -- and many of them are being attacked for NO fault of their own -- it is jut the enemy!  And a few may be under the 'gun' cause of consequences of their actions...but as God's Word says, 'it rains on the just and the unjust".    (I never understood that scripture until these last few years!)  But, we are to never under-estimate God.  HE is always continually working and speaking to us -- we  -- as usual-- are not listening.  
Today, as I was praying and seeking  God....I got a vision of a dear friend and she was walking so gracefully -- slowly -- like she was in a procession.  And she was covered in this beautiful Robe of royal purple.  I can see her long hair, braided so....and she had glasses on.  Now, immediately  I felt it was the woman I was praying for, but the Holy Spirit reminded me -- it could be other women too.  It could be me.  HE reminded me, that maybe this vision was for me as well!   When I get a vision like this,  (it does not happen every day!)  I quickly ask God to share with me WHAT it means...and instantly I knew. 
    She, this beautiful woman,  was walking in GRACE and slow -- very methodical -- towards....I think heaven or her destiny, but her head was held high and those glasses represented sight - she KNEW where she was going, and she knew that THIS is the time...and she was fully aware of WHAT she was getting into and she continued to go forward.  
Then I remembered the Story of Ester.  Here is a recap of that Book in the Bible:  
Esther was a young, beautiful, Jewish woman living in Persia. She was unknowingly thrust into one of the greatest stories of all time, due to a very strange turn of events. Esther proved to be a woman of unusual wisdom and courage, facing adversity and wickedness with a quiet confidence and grace. While God is not directly mentioned in this book, His hand and perfect timing are seen in every turn of events. 
Then her story can teach us some lessons:  
Esther saved the Jews. Her life can teach us several vital lessons
1. There is a preparation time.
She allowed herself to be prepared for the task. God's preparation time can sometimes be long and uneventful. Moses spent 40 years in the desert looking after sheep before coming to deliver the Israelites. The refining of our characters is very essential to God's plan for our life. God cannot use a proud woman (or man).

I believe there was a season in my life where GOD prepared me.  HE changed the way I felt about Him and myself and then, when I was ready -- HE did allow some revelation and I know that I know that my 'time' was THEN to walk with HIM and walk in faith and learn to TRUST God.  

I know a woman right now - that has been prepared - I believe it.  I know that I know, her marriage is being tested  right now and if this crisis  would of happened even 6 months ago -- the marriage would not of survived....but NOW it will...as God has prepared her.

Maybe YOU - the one reading this...is in a season that God has prepared you for -- or maybe  you are coming from a season where God prepared you and you realized it.  

I remember another friend that was in a battle for her daughter's life.  Her daughter was gripped with an eating stronghold and even the pediatrician told her - that the daughter would probably not 'survive' the disorder.  But...that mom KNEW - SHE knew GOD WAS able and she continued in prayer and guess what -- God did -- that young woman is a warrior for HIM!   God heals.  
2. We need the favour of God.
Esther found favour with the King and so did Mordecai. Even Jesus grew in favour with God and man (Luke 2:52). When you live a life pleasing to God, by obeying His will you will find favour with Him. God will also give you favour with people.

I have had people come to me and say, "pray for me as YOUR prayers are heard".  God hears each and every prayer.  We do need God's favor and it comes with our obedience.   The key is living a life pleasing to God.  I believe many times we give up or give in ....right before the blessing comes.  And so often, we give up or give in cause God does N OT seem to be moving in our timeline - and we get impatient.  God's timing does seem slow, but trusting it -- brings favor.  

I believe that my friend HAS God's favor....she is walking in it.  
3. God works in His own time and season.
Esther got her timing right. Maybe God has put it on your heart to do something for Him. Don't just jump into it but wait for his time. Joseph was in jail until it was God's time for him to be released. God will move in His time when we remain faithful and alert to His leading.

Another lesson from Ester on God's timing.....it does seem like God is really trying to TEACH us something.  I believe there is a woman reading this tonight -- and right now, she knows that God is telling her -- NOW is the time...

Maybe NOW is the time to fast and pray for a specific child that  is lost or mixed up in sin...
Maybe NOW is the time for you to sit next to a friend who is in a storm and just PRAY with her...
Maybe NOW is the time to get off your butt...and DO something....for HIM...instead of expecting God to lay it all before you...
Maybe NOW is the time to actually pray and seek counsel on something or a stronghold that has plagued you for FAR too long...
Maybe NOW is the time to go to church - find one...worship one...and maybe ask yourself, "does God know me?"...
Maybe NOW is the time to give and extend forgiveness...
Maybe NOW is the appointed time for restoration within a part of your family...
Maybe NOW is the appointed time...
4. Your background does not hinder your future with God.
Esther was an orphan. God still exalted her and used her. Some of Jesus' disciples were fishermen, tax collectors and one was a doctor. Your background does not determine what God can do with you. Your faith does.

I did a bible study on Ester with Beth Moore.  A major part of the study is taking a look at 'our past' and that it has BROUGHT us to this point - here and now.  Our past was our destiny.  Our past did shape our future -- but it never has to dictate it.  

God has allowed experiences within out lives -- as we walk through it with HIM...we can then, do that for another and help another walk through the pain of..... a death....a betrayal....a rejection....

God uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary -- our faith creates miracles!  

I met with that dear friend this evening.  She totally received this word as encouragement.  There was a little more to this vision -- but as I prayed and spoke to God about it throughout the day -- HE personalized it for her....and tonight HE blessed me too.

You see, tonight -- I sat with my husband and we prayed for another.  We prayed for a woman who is standing in the gap for her husband as he is being attacked - via their marriage.  However, we know GOD is all in and around this marriage.  And  I know that I know -- it is going to weather the storm and as she prays for her husband and their marriage ...she is going to walk with her head held high...as she sees what is ahead and she is moving slowly with God - forward.  And GOD is going to bless her....and answer every need and prayer request.   And tonight, my husband shared with her -- something so personal and yet....the EXACT words I had been praying to HEAR FROM him for years....she had no idea of the 'signfigance' of those words...but God did.  It was redemption for me and healing for me...and revelation for him, but it was also confirmation to me -- I had listened, fasted, and prayed today and God spoke.  I wish I could share more details....but the summary is --

God used me and my husband to minister to another -- together for the first time.
He will pray and minister to men ...or another at times...and I do too...and a few times, couples have come to us at church for prayer ....but tonight was REAL ministry - together and THAT just blessed me.  ......And even if that is the ONLY time God puts us together for that sort of situation...that is OK.  Cause tonight the enemy DID not win...God won.  And God is going to win for my dear friend too!
I know it -- amen!

So -- if you are under- estimating God this evening and you want  to have that assurance   -- SEEK HIM...find a Pastor...come visit me at my church....or do something.  Time is short - God wants you to be esteemed like Queen Ester....HE loves you that much.  HE wants freedom for the captives.

There is NOTHING God can't heal, restore, or redeem.
There is NOTHING that can separate the love HE has for us -- expect maybe us....
Are you in a season like Ester was?   Is now the time to step it up -- and help SAVE a child or friend around you?
Only You and God know the answer to that --
If Ester had NOT spoken up when she did  -- what would of happened?
She saved a people....
Who have you helped God to save today?

- humbled, Michelle


  1. Reading your words, reminds me of the show; "Touch by an Angel".
    There are a number of things that I have wondered about since I was a small child, and I wonder for the reason why? And I wonder why about so many things and I wonder if I will ever know

  2. Dear Anonymous....I think we can search and God gives us some answers but on other stuff - HE does not......I think when we figure it out -- then we don't need HIM....and when we think and feel we can figure it out...that is probably pride...maybe? Maybe not. Trusting God is something that can be so hard, especially for a person who wants to know the 'why'....I have decided to just TRUST HIM and HE will let me know the why - when I really need to know...God bless and thank you for your comment!


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