Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Expectations . . . .

I have been blogging in my mind for over a month.  I say that I have been asking God, over and over about my expectations....are they HIS?  .....  Are they being met? 


I headed north to be with my folks for a week and I had expectations. 
There was a party to plan...expectations.
There is usually drama...expectations.  
And, I just wanted to please God -- expectations.

 It is summer time and I have expectations.
I expected to read a few more books.
I expected to have these 13+ pounds gone by now... before it is time to try on school pants.
I expected to have house plans in order for the fall.
I expected some other situations to turn around or change.  
School is around the corner and a whole new set of expectations bombard my head.  

Today, as I was doing some errands, I made a phone call and then in middle of the phone call, I had the expectation of something  that could  happen .....and I had a moment of fear. 

Prayerfully, and humbly, I asked that sweet friend to pray for me and she did and NOTHING happened.  No surprises...no unexpected person showed up that may of caused some anxious feelings... and I am reminded of my expectations and this list that bombards my brain. 

 As for my sweet friend, she  reminded me -- "I am HIS and HE did not give me a spirit of fear ...." 

As I have said, I have been thinking of this blog for over a month.  Expecting to write it. 


I have written a blog about expectations before.  However, I DID NOT go back to it on purpose today.  

As a kid, I had GREAT expectations.  Prince Charming was to swoop me off my feet.  My family would become that model family...eventually  - like the Osmond's  and that I would live happily ever after. 


And, very quietly .....earlier today,  the LORD reminded me of this dangerous game of 'lists' of expecations.

The therapist had to remind me and I had to retrain my brain...if I have NO expectations for some human behaviors...than....when something does not appear or transpire...there is NO unmet expectations and no hurts....

For example,  if I am expecting flowers for an anniversary and I don't get them....then my feelings are hurt and I will probably react.  But, if I have NO expectations for flowers..when they come -- I can be plesently surprised.   

This really is NOT knew info.  I am willing to bet that as you are reading this, you have been told the same thing.  Or perhaps you have been told to LOWER your expectations.  When we look to humans ( a spouse, family member, child)  to meet needs...to fulfill a destiny....or   to provide something for us, we will almost always be disappointed.   Humans fail us.  People will fail us. 

We really can ONLY look to our Heavenly Father...for HE lives up to our expectations. 

As I was finally blogging this evening, I reminded myself that -- I can expect...

I can expect Jesus to always interceed for me on my behalf. 
I can expect God to always love me unconditionally. 
I can expect the Lord to hear my prayers. 
I can expect the Lord to move mountains. 
I can expect miracles from the Lord. 
I can expect HIS will to be done within my life.
I can expect that I will find ALL answers to whatever I need to know with the pages of HIS Word. 

I can expect that God will do what GOD wants to do.
I can expect that I am whom God says I am ...through Him. 
I can expect much from my best friend...the Lord and the Holy Spirit. 
I can expect the Holy Spirit to constantly speak to me, comfort me, and teach me. 
I can expect an eternal home...

And then it happened.....   be eternally minded -- this place is temporary and I believe the Holy Spirit finally gave me the peace about this blog.

Place any and all expectation -- in the LIGHT of HIS presence...  Measure it all against heaven and eternity.     Place every expectation within HIS hands.    And with that...the one situation in which I was seeking God to give me peace about ....peace came. 

Peace came.    The "situation"...may not of turned out as I had hoped....but God is making something beautiful out of it.  And I trust my LORD to WOW me...to work it out and that... I will look back at this time and situation and know that I know -- and see ...HOW HE moved. 

So, after I have said ALL of that, and I pray I have not rambled...

There is one reading this  - tonight with expectations that have been shattered...broken...and she does not even expect a healing....but HOLD ON....  God will answer.

HE is close to the broken hearted and HE will and can heal -- seek HIM. 
EXPECT HIM to answer -- EXPECT HIM to help...


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