Saturday, April 26, 2014

no a/c, random thoughts, and soaring like an EAGLE -

1.  There is NO a/c in this house tonight.  The last time this happened it was 2010 and I spent a good week awaiting the right part and then fix and then break down.    Not fun.

My husband and I ran out to get supper - and  get some  a/c relief but that did not last too long.
 The landlord is going to come and look at it tomorrow.

Somehow we thought that while we were gone the a/c fairy would of come and fixed it.  Nope.

2.  Random thoughts:

FCAT is done...there are about 30 days or less left of school and the 'summer fun' attitude has already hit my students ....and me.

Planning ....summer vacation?  Shall we go to Wisconsin?  Will there be a 30th WHS class reunion?

And -- I get to teach at School of Leaders tomorrow!

3.  Now about soaring --

God continues to just amaze both me and my man -- prayer session today provided a cool relief for a moment but then the 85degrees sneaks back up on you. the past TWO weeks  I have been reminded of a few things --

1.  God's timing is NOT quick but it is perfect.
2.  Many people want a QUICK fix and are NOT willing to WAIT on God.
3.  Restoration  ( in a marriage ) really is  the harder part ....working on changing lives can ONLY work when both agree to give the process the time and effort needed.......Hence...the quick fix usually does not work.

Hence...separation or divorce.  Or just withdrawing.....

But Restoration in just the heart of any  person ( a single or married person ) takes time and  it is harder -- cause the enemy wants so desperately to PULL that one back into the sin.

I was brought to Isaiah 40. 31 this week for Cell group:  

31 but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.

Hence...separation or divorce--  Or just withdrawing.....
I do believe it is possible. 
I do believe it is possible. 
And I do believe that no matter what - we must forgive. 
I do believe  you won't grow faint -- with HIM.  

Just this week, I had some 'trigger' memories and words that took me WAY back to a time an place that hurt.  My flesh SO wanted to have its pity party and for a brief hour or two - or maybe just the ride to work and did.  My flesh won.  Praise God that NO one else saw my flesh...just me and the Holy Spirit in my car.  But I have said this before.... it had to just stay in that car.  
It had to be just Jesus and me - working it out....fleshing it out...faithing it out....until my flesh was back under control.  

I don't think some stuff gets easier ......I think we just get more control over our flesh.  

And I will admit  another situation as well that happened ...... something really HURT my feelings last weekend. 
 It really did.
  I don't claim to have a handle on this 'people pleaser' gene or stronghold within me. 
 I mean...well, YES I do...I pray it down and pray that it DOES not have a stronghold over me.  But truth be told, when I am not as faithful in my quiet time....the enemy can SNEAK right back into my thoughts so fast.   So, I let God really 'have it'...about the situation that HURT my feelings.  And by the end of the week, God so clearly spoke to my heart and impressed upon me.... "it is NOT you that was offended.....that other person was offended ..convicted in her spirit...THAT is why everything went down like it did".  And then I got the MOST amazing peace within me.  And I knew that I knew -- God was saying, "atta girl".

And so....I guess what I am trying to convey here this eve before I try and fall asleep in a 'hot' that ---

IT HAS to be me and Jesus....

IT HAS to be YOU and Jesus....

Lord, I rambled...but thank you - thank you for really impressing and showing me this week that YOUR timing is perfect and YOUR timing may seem long...but is is NOT slow...the heart ache will NOT last one more day than necessary YOU are in control.  And Lord, thank you for the quick fixes you do give here and an instant healing or whatever...but thank you for the SLOW ones as it allows us to get RIGHT with You and then, we can use WHAT you did for help another and encourage another.  
Lord, right now this moment - I am believing for a miracle for one of my friends...a sister in Christ.  I pray she won't give up-- but that she will allow YOU to lead and guide and direct her...and HOLD her this evening Lord...remind her, YOu are enough.   But Lord, if she does give up - THAT is OK I know - YOU have HER...and YOU will bring beauty out of the ashes.  



Did you know that RIGHT before an Eagle becomes this big and powerful eagle...with the white head and fierce goes through a process where it looses all of its feathers and its beak and it must SIT AND WAIT...until its feathers and beak comes back in.   Think about that...WAITING on GOD....and then - we can SOAR.  

 I pray that right now...whomever this was written for---I pray this was your confirmation to wait..on YOU will SOAR soon.  In Jesus name......amen. 

Or maybe.... HOPE that  change can occur.  
HOPE that God can change a personality.  
I know HE can...I have experienced it.  
HOPE that one day -- we CAN soar on wings like eagles.......

 I do believe that if YOU are in the middle of a season of crisis or trial....that IF you will JUST hold on a little longer.....and NOT grow weary ....GOD is faithful.  
I do believe that God honors the faithfulness of a desperate to 'save' a family but first she must surrender to HIM - totally and completely.  

 Sometimes we have to forgive that same person each day ....or every 5 we begin to work out the 'flesh' in us that wants the suffering  to be redeemed.  Or maybe we even want some sort of justice...

I don't want to dishonor WHAT God has done within my life or the lives of my family....  so, I press on and  let GOD fight the battles I need to fight.     

It has to be Jesus - HE has to be enough.

When THAT is right.....when that foundation is solid.......YOU and HE can work at restoration of a family.....or the death of a friend....or the heartbreak of a breakup....or the hurt of a wayward child...or just a family member that has HURT your feelings.......

Nothing is HIMpossible!  

( Sorry this got long. Can you tell I am avoiding the 'hot' bed? )  

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