Sunday, April 6, 2014

God WINS...SAME Blog...NEW direction.....amen!

So,  my previous blog was titled....WisGalinOkee.
It stood for Wisconsin gal ( girl ) in Okeechobee.

When I started this blog it was a "Tumbler Account" and I have always wanted to write a book. Tumbler was another form of blogging media. I then had to move or switch to a Blogger account because of space.  I did not think I would write that much ....but 2 summers ago --
I spent a good amount of time and printed off all of my blogs..and well -- I have enough material for 4 books.

So I write a bunch!

I started off just writing general stuff. I tried to be funny.  That really did not work...
Then I would blog/write about my family and Post stuff like:   44 ways I love...and incorporate that into a Happy Birthday Post.  People enjoyed that -- come to think of it - I need to do that a bit more often.

I even  have 4 other blogs -- I started a GIRLS with SWORDS blog...but that idea or door closed.  I did a BATTLEFIELD of the MIND blog and participated with my sister in an on-line bible study that was awesome but many women are too afraid to put their 'thoughts' out there. It was awesome to be with my sister 1400 miles away and share thoughts about each chapter...but, it was just that - notes about each chapter.  God did not call that into something 'big'.

Then my walk with God changed.
God did not 'slap' me in the face or anything  -- God just revealed stuff.

And a Crisis of Faith made me sit up  -- and I had  to LEARN to walk with God.
And I blogged with a different head and heart. I blogged with a cautious intent.
I believe and know that I always blogged with the Holy Spirit sitting by my fingers - helping my brain to formulate the content.
This blog has been has been life...and it has brought  other women to me - other women that walked a similar walk...and wanted HOPE.

Some posts have been HARD, many have brought LIFE to others and HOPE.
Several times I have messed up.

One such mess up was a week ago when I blogged in pure frustration--something  that had been building up within me and I posted it.  I went to bed.    Immediately the follow morning, I was convicted. I deleted it.  Unfortunately, over 80 people had already read it.
 The Holy Spirit clearly to me.  I really did know when I was a typing that it was not for the 'public' so I asked God, I begged God to really protect it.  However, it hurt a few.

Let me explain something....

 Back in November of 2011, the Lord called me to put forth 40 days of prayer for a Secret Sister.  I got the idea in a dream and I awoke fresh and knew that I knew I was to pray for her - for 40 days.  I was able to watch something change in her.  It gave me some courage and God used it to teach me how important prayer for others is.  Now, I knew this -- I have been a prayer warrior for many years now for the ones within my own family -- but to see something change in another right before me -- that was not  family -- was  thrilling.

 God used that time to change me as well as I leaned on the Holy Spirit.   Then, I had another period of time where I blogged 40 days again for my Sisters in Christ.    Again,   God brought several  women to my blog site.  Several women confirmed their need for the words I shared.  ( It really is God.)   I asked the Holy Spirit to write and He did..He does.  Within the last 6 months,
 God asked me to post 40 days of prayers for marriages and wow -- several of my posts got over 200 hits.

I posted the other day about meekness and I got my first comment from a total stranger -- and I believe they are from another state.

Blogging is a form of social media.  Blogging is therapy.  There is NO right or wrong to blogging but once something is written in print - it is there forever.

 Over the past 4 years, I have  gained MUCH help and knowledge in reading blogs of other  ladies.  Some, as they went through the trials and tribulations of their walk with God; others, as they just spoke about their lives and their family.  And some about their walk in  their  marriage...and I even have shared and recommended a few blogs that SPEAK LIFE.

Sometimes the subjects are touchy and hurtful or maybe hard to read.   And sometimes, even when I try my best to NOT get too personal -- it spills.

Almost 4 years ago, God revealed something to me and my world changed -- and it changed for the BETTER.  Then about a week later,   a servant of God  told me  that it would take 4 years ...for healing to occur.    ( because of the Earthquake  )  I  marvel at how, the Holy Spirit,  has reminded me of this in the past week.  At the time, I refused to believe  it would  take THAT long...I did.  I rebuttled right away and told him straight out - "no, God told me 9 months".

 God did tell me  9 months,  it  turns out, it was nine months until I went to my God Encounter Weekend and there -- God did a work on my heart and head.

 But I have blogged about that -- but what I do want to say, is that - over and over, in my blogging, I  have asked God to be my Editor and HE has 'deleted' several blogs before I ever linked them to a public forum.  However, I have to learn the hard way at times.

I am an EVER changing Christian woman who LOVES God and WANTS only HIS best for children...and my church family and friends...and of course for my very OWN family-- distant and close...and extended family too.

But I would NEVER want to hurt or harm any of them!

Pastor Dave spoke today on our tongue.  He confirmed in me this NEW direction.  I have been asking God for the past 2 I felt an 'itching'.  I knew the '4 year' healing prophesy was about to come to pass....and I so WANT to give ALL glory to God...for HIS healing as HE has won my life.  And there was a healing...a real healing almost 2 years ago,  healing is continual.  But, this '4 year mark'....has some significance.

 He has WON in my marriage.  God has won.   He has WON in my family..and HE is the lives of the church family  that I have come to love and worship with.

The tongue can bring death.
The tongue can bring life.
From the heart --- is WHAT comes out of my tongue.

From this point on....I want to make sure that I am constantly speaking LIFE.
I have to model for the women that I mentor and counsel....that we MUST speak LIFE into our homes...into our relationships...and into our children.

My husband reads my blogs  but I would never want people to assume or associate  that what I am praying for - or what I blog about ............ is some new family crisis or
                         ... or would I want it to cause another to gossip
                        ...nor would I want it to cause embarrassment!

And 25 years from now, I don't want my very smart granddaughter come to me and say, "G-mommy -- is it true that you had a problem with _________".  See what I am saying?

Beth Moore is my mentor when it come to blogging.  I followed her blog when it started and she blogged almost every 3 days.  I lived off of it.  She was, like,  IN my head.   At that time, I was soaking up EACH and EVERY Beth Moore study that I could find.  And as she would blog, she was always allowing you into her head and heart - but she was always careful NOT to give glory the enemy.

So, ( Like Beth MOORE - my favorite blogger )  I will seek God's perfect EDITING button and choose words more wisely.

The past is the past.

A dear friend was a part of  God's confirmation just a few days ago -- she stated, "chell...when I see you and see your family...I don't see the past 7-10 years..I see NOW".

That was God with HIM...we are NEW creations!

Part of God speaking to me was a visit from a mother yesterday.  She had  her two children and they loved and adored her and she loved and adored them.  I could tell.  She walked them to our 'open house' so their faces could be painted.  ( Our Ins. Office, had a 'grand opening' in Moore Haven this past Saturday. )   Both children picked out what they wanted ON their faces and we made conversation.   They sat still as I painted.  Their mom  smiled and smiled.  And I could not help but see her smile.  And I noticed something.

Now please---as she walked away, my heart sank....I saw the consequences of her youth.  I could assume or infer that she - at one time - used drugs.  Her smile displayed it.  And I was so convicted.... praise God that we don't walk around with the reminders ...and the visible scars of our past.

Praise God that no one can see the  WHAT...that would be ALL over me.

I do wish, that I had a resource to help with a new smile.  And I asked God to make a way -- maybe that I would see her again,  find a resource, and  help her fix that smile. If God wants that and if HE wants me to be a part of that - I believe HE will make it happen.

However --
I realized at that moment - briefly - that God does NOT look at our past and praise God.  I mean -- I KNOW that... I hear that preached...I remind other of that!  But those surreal moments come and you are like HIT with the revelation and it seems like you just learned it for the first time.

 HE  sees us -- as if we NEVER sinned.  Praise God for His son, Jesus who made it possible.

John 3.16 says --

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

I believe that the BEST knowing that Jesus came..and took away the sin of the world.  
Jesus is the ONE way to heaven -- HE is the soul person that died for me sins.  
He went to that cross...know EXACTLY what I was going to do...knowing exactly WHAT I did..and he already knows my sins of the future...and HE still said I was worth it - and HE opened those gates to heaven.  

I want to speak Life.  

Proverbs 18.21 says...the tongue has the power to speak life or death...
Proverbs 12.18 says reckless words pierce like  sword - but the wise tongue can bring healing...
Proverbs 11.13 says a gossip betrays...
Proverbs 15.4 says a soothing tongue is like a tree of life but a deceitful tongue crushes...
1 Peter 3.10 speaks about speaking peace and life....
Psalm 45.1 talks about beautiful words that stir a heart...
Psalm 141.3 speaks about taking control of what I say and for God to GUARD my lips....

So it is with that -- this blog takes a new turn.

If you have been reading my blog for the past 3 will notice the difference.

If you are a new reader -- then I pray you will continue to read and I pray this BLOG speaks LIFE to you....

If you need individual prayer or want to speak about something...please inbox me privately on Facebook.
 If you wish to leave a comment to encourage me or another - Please DO.  You don't have to leave your name.  I moderate all comments.

And question my words...filter them through God's Holy Word.

God wins.

One last thought....God is creative and HE uses any PIT that we are dumped into, or any PIT  that we DIVE into ourselves,    and sometimes I think we give the enemy too much credit. Sometimes a  PIT can form when we allow a puddle to just get bigger and bigger  and all of  a sudden we need -- LIFE  happens and   grace is needed  to get up and move beyond it.

God wants us to TRIVE - not just survive.
God wants to heal, restore, and redeem.
God wants HIS best for you -- if you have taken a difficult path -- or rejected HIM...or even put YOUR OWN self into a PIT....HE is the God of second chances.


 I am humbled - excited about where this blog will lead me next...and can't wait to blog again.

- michelle

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  1. I think it is wonderful that you put your thoughts and your feelings to print for the rest of us to benefit from. You are a brave, wise woman, and your experiences and the way you got through your tumultuous times, gives us hope. Your love of God, your conviction, your graciousness are an inspiration. God Bless you, dear child.


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