Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I think I crossed over...

There is a song by Jars of Clay called... Love Song for my Savior.

My Room at my Encounter Weekend
Here is the Link to watch a video with the words on it.  It is a song that I love, and have song and have memorized years ago.

When I first got the album and read the lyrics, I could not 'understand' the entire song.
There is a part that says....'seems to easy to call you a Savior, not close enough to call you God'.

I knew I was not 'in love' with God.  How would that look and feel?

As I would sing that song, the Holy Spirit would convict me - I knew -- that Jesus did save me and I believed that and knew I was in the Lamb's Book of LIfe....but I did not have the relationship with God  that I knew I was suppose to have.

But I got busy.  I stayed busy.  I did a lot of things that seemed very 'godly' and they were.

I really tried -  the best that I KNEW  was possible.  YOU see - I just did not understand.  And then I allowed idolatry to really set its claws in.  I had strongholds - many ---- but I would of told you every reason as to 'why' they were not strongholds.  But truth be told -- I had only a shallow understanding and knowledge of My LORD.

But.... God changed that.  ( read other blogs..LOL )

That song does not play on the radio too often anymore and I seldom listen to CD's in my car cause of XM radio but it was on the radio yesterday along with a few other oldies and this morning as well.

And, I realized something -- I HAD CROSSED over....

I now KNOW HIM close enough to call him GOD!

And come to think of it -- that transpired several years ago -- but as I You tubed the song and watched several different videos of the song and reread the words and sang....I was tremendously inspired and reminded.....THAT is what I want for the others around me.

Falling in Love is a lot easier when you realize
WHAT was done on the Cross. 
I can see 'that' in can tell...WHEN God is their first love.  You just can.  And you can see when it is not.

'Elohim'. .....'Jevohah'....... 'Lord'....'Savior'.....

Another verse says, "she'll try to love HIM...try to TRUST Him".....I get that.
Another verse says, "breaking the chains of their souls".....I have seen chains broken.

Another...."sitting silent in their Sunday best".....oh my ...there are SO many LOST out there - sitting silently...even in church.....

"I want to fall in love with you"....that is another line of the song.

God, praise Your name that I have crossed over.  Lord, may I continue to seek and grow closer to you.  Lord, I pray for the one reading this -- if she is not in Love with you - God I pray she will dig deep and figure it out.....Lord, I know you don't punish to 'shedule' life struggle or crisis  within our path to TEACH us stuff...but You do allow stuff to enter as You know it will draw us close to You.  And Lord, we also understand that  -- Your character is always good and loving -- the frustrations we experience could also be from our own sin and its consequences.  Lord, I pray that all the women and family around me - understand this song...Lord, I pray we will all sing a Love Song for YOU. Lord I pray Hunter will sing a long song to you, I pray Taylor will sing a love song to you ...and I pray that Brendan will sing a love song to you -- Lord, I pray - YOUR will be done.  God I pray that my actions and my desires are always pleasing to You - that I bring you as much JOY as I feel when I SEE you at work within my life...and through my life...and when I am doing YOUR will.  Amen.


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