Wednesday, April 16, 2014

" My healing is complete ".....

  "My healing is complete and it does not always LOOK like what you want to see".....

When I was praying so fervently last summer for a friend that was battling cancer, God spoke to me.  

----- HOW do I hear HIM?  

THAT is going to be a topic at our next CELL group so I will share that on this blog in the future, but as I began to pray  last summer and I asked  God to speak to  my friend Trace....I was reminded of how many times - the healing does not come right away....or the healing does not look like WHAT I want it to.  

Back to RIGHT -- 

I was reminded of this Word from God again --- "my healing is complete and it does not always LOOK like what you want to see"....

I have been asking God a tough question over and over these past two weeks - "why do some marriages work out and others don't"???????

My husband, at times,  may hear a bit of a  conversation I am having with  another - I try to keep it as private as possible at times, but I do welcome  his input and ask him  at times for his advice.  He has the gift of discernment,  and as we pray together  -- sometimes other prayers just spill over and he will listen and then give me a suggestion or a reminder.   

He noted something last week and then I stated he should "blog it"  and he was going to -  but that has not happened so I am going to share a bit of it now.  He speaks of the ROLLER Coaster....He is pretty knowledgeable in it, as he was on a roller coaster of faith for a LONG time.

I was too.

 He reminded me  of how there are ebbs and flows of our feelings.  You will see where a person is so desperate for help and seek godly counsel and get through the crisis of the moment, but he or she won't take that EXTRA step and GET out of the boat and begin  to WALK in faith  with Jesus on that water.  

Many times it is  because  - he or she is  NOT ready. 
Other times, it is because one believes he  will have to 'give up' too much of the 'old life'.
And even other times, it is because people  are looking for a quick fix -- not a LONG TERM relationship with God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus.  

But that is OK.  

As, God does not want ANYONE to perish,   that person will seek HIM out again and maybe this next crisis of faith will be the one where that person FALLS in love with Jesus ...and wants HIS companionship and FELLOWSHIP - all the days of his or her  life.  

It really is a cool thing to witness.  

....when one crosses over that line and becomes SOLD out to HIM...

So with that....God reminded me, "my healing is complete"....I know that God heals and HE heals completely - it just may not LOOK like what I expect from THIS perspective.  

But that is OK.  HE is in control. HE only asks me to plant the seed at times and to be a prayer warrior for a season -- but I trust GOD that the complete healing will come to that person...that prayer request.  

I believe God is big enough.

And divorce does not mean that this couple won't GET back together. In fact, I have a dear pal that was about to SIGN the papers of divorce and God clearly spoke to her - 'this is not my plan' and she went back home.....and they have been married now over 20+ years.

I am humbled that my marriage was restored.  I know God brings beauty out of all ashes when we allow HIM to.

And sometimes God uses the divorce bring healing.  But - HIS healing is complete.  

I believe God can OPEN the eyes of that one who does not realize that they are STILL on that roller coaster .

I believe GOD can  open those eyes  of the one that continues on that Roller Coaster --EVEN when that person  appears to GET BACK ON that Roller Coaster with their own poor choices.

The point is -- as I wish to SPEAK LIFE as I wrap up this blog post -- is.....

If you want complete healing -- BE willing to wait on God...HIS healing is complete.  Believe that promise for yourself.  Claim it.  Recite it.  Healing emotionally is - at times - more painful and time consuming than a physical healing.  But - GOD will win.

And as we wait on that healing - STAY close to him.....

Beloved,  worship ME by living close to Me.  This is My original design for man, into whom I BREATHED MY VERY BREATH OF LIFE.  This is My desire for you:  that you stay near Me as you walk along your life- path. EAch day is an important part of that journey.  Although you may feel as if you are going nowhere in this world, your spiritual journey is another matter altogether, taking you along steep, treacherous paths of adventure.  THAT is why walking in the Light of  My Presence is essential to keep you from stumbling.  By staying close to ME, you present yourself as a living sacrifice.  Even the routine part of your day can be a spiritual act of worship, holy and pleasing to Me. And my healing is complete.     - God 

Genesis 2.7, Psalm 89.15, Romans 12. 1-2

Prayer is from Jesus Calling devotional - but I added the last line!

Humbled - Michelle

If this blog stirred up something, or you need prayer, or you just want to confirm that THIS was needed within your walk this day - please leave a comment.  I thank you.


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