Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy birthday Bren -

1.  He does not LIKE his photo on FB or on this blog.
2.  He contstantly makes me laugh.
3.  Will he retire??  Will he teach another year??  I was asked that today -- I have no idea, I know he will make up his mind when God confirms it him   ...
4.  He is a great dad to Taylor and HP...

I could go on and list 49 incredible things and notions about this awesome man that I can now call my best friend besides the Holy Spirit ..... 

.....and there is so much MORE I would love to say -- want to say ..... but, I am respecting his privacy and respecting his wishes.

I did not buy a card today -- but brought him some breakfast in bed.    So this is his card:

Lord, bless this man, continue to teach him, speak to him, and protect him in EACH and every endeavor.  Lord, thank you for birthday #16  where I made him an Ivan Lendal cake and every one  in between until today at 49.
Lord, may  he forgive the years I totally forgot to celebrate his special day as it was usually the ending of school and time got away from me  and bless the future ones where I can totally surprise him with an awesome ...something...whatever -----  YOU will lead Lord. 

 Lord, as he continues to grow closer to You - grant him favor and answer all his secret prayers - and remind him that he has a heart of Yours ...and he follows You in obedience and that he is indeed, perfect in Your sight.

Bless Him Lord, help me to be the best help meet --help mate-- in Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. So lovely post! I really enjoyed reading this. Anyway, I am also going to throw a surprise birthday party for my dad. Please suggest some affordable party halls in Boston MA. I will invite only a few guests so a medium sized venue would be perfect.


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