Friday, June 19, 2015

It is FATHER's Day weekend --

I have to stop and think about the Father's that are in prayer and tears over their loved ones in Charleston this evening ---  Heavenly Father, may YOUR glory shine in each and every news story that is broadcasted....may the Believers within that community express their pain and show love -- as this is indeed a time for Your people  to show the world --- WHO You are Lord --

I have to stop and think about the Father's that have missing daughters -- due to drugs, trafficking, or just missing --Lord comfort --

I stop and think about the many men who are mourning a loss of a daughter on this eve --

I stop and think about all the new dads that will get the 'perfect' first Father's day card and gift from their precious newborn --- Lord, bless that young mother -- 

I stop to think. 

Father's Day was created by a greeting card company---
Did the people at Hallmark really understand what this day could entail?

First - My dad --
Pure and simple - this guy is responsible.    My mom says I have his memory and temper.  He taught me how to Polka and as a young kid, I got to work in the cloak room at the Dance Hall  while he tended bar upstairs at Turner Hall -- and boy did I LOVE to do that.  I have tried to learn to whistle like him, I appreciate music like he does, and my work ethic is his -- as I can still hear the words, "don't do a half _ _ _ job".    He could scare the crud out of us on summer nights, but he could also cause each of us to get in such a frenzy that we wanted - OUT! 

But seriously, as he has lived 20+ years longer than I have -
I admire his discipline  and his way to making you feel welcome - always.  Memories of haying, unloading bales, moving heifers from inside the barn to the outside, and repairing fence are just a few of the memories.  Stopping along the road side to grab/pull  a  HUGE hand full of fresh English Peas from the canning factory  and place them in the trunk of the car and then SIT and eat them -- now that was indeed heaven.  Running around Grandpa's farm while he milked was a 6 year old's imagination extravaganza.    And being kept home from school to drive tractor -was a learning experience.  However -- I lived. 

Dad, thank you for being the BEST day - my dad.  Happy Father's Day. 

Lord, protect him - bless him in a way like none other  this Father's Day weekend as we celebrate his marriage to my mom for 50 years and I pray that as the years now pass, I get to see more of him and get to relearn this 'new guy' that overtaken my dad's body.  LOL.  The dad I grew up with would never let a young toddler get sticky syrup all over his pants....and each time I see that now - I ask myself, "who is this man?".   Lord, be his right hand, may he run to you in each and every way - amen. 

My Second Dad --
He drove me on my 'first' date with his son.  He provided a prayer journal /binder for Brendan and I the night before we got married and began to explain how to fill it in.  He also tried to show us how to budget that night as well.  He has taught me much -- and treated me like his own --- I will be forever grateful for the spiritual blessings he bestowed.  I know that I know, he prays for me daily and in the hardest of times,  he was still a man with a wise word. 

He too has lived 20+ more years than I have and he has made me quite mad here or there too - I have never stopped to pick English Peas with him, but I have antiqued with him, played a mean game of PIT with him, and I have enjoyed our many chats about scripture and the life of Jesus. 

Lord, protect him - bless him in a way like none other  this Father's Day weekend and as we celebrate his 75th year later this summer.  As he continues to work and steer the Insurance office, bring him wisdom and so forth.  As he continues to lead at church, may the will of God always be done.  Bless him in a mighty way this weekend and I thank him personally for being a father to my husband, as that legacy is being handed down now to my children  - amen

My Children's Dad --

Lord, thank you for this man -- that has been and continues to pray for our children and he protects them with YOUR words.  Lord, I thank you for setting the captives free and for redeeming and restoring a father to their children.  Lord, I thank you that as Brendan continues to mentor Hunter -- that he will be a father that indeed -- is looked up to and esteemed by his children.  And Lord, I pray that the man our daughter chooses -- is a man that will be the perfect father to my grand kids -- may this legacy of faith, love, and mercy continue within this line ---  
May there be NOTHING that implodes or stops YOUR will from being done Lord, and protect him - on this weekend, may my children truly love on him and appreciate him for what he has meant to them!  amen.

Lord for my brothers -- whom are all dads....God I pray that they will SEEK you in each and every decision and may their LOVE for you grow, that they want MORE of you then their children will that YOU purposed for their lives.  

Lord for my brothers-n-low -- whom are all dads...God I pray that they will SEEK you in each and every decision and may their LOVE for you grow as well - may they want more of you .  May Your anointing teach them...may they call upon the Holy Spirit to guide, comfort, and heal any hurts.  

Lord, for my Pastors ...and the men of our church that are dads - hurting dads -- new dads....and brother - n - laws, and dear friends -- God -- bless each of them - In Jesus Name - amen. 

And finally Lord -- for YOU -- THANK YOU for being the BEST daddy -- my Lord, and SAvior -- thank you for being the perfect dad - in all circumstances and occasions.  Thank you for being my Lord - amen. 

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