Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day #29 - Secret Sister Prayer - Flo / A teacher's prayer

Flo...the bobble head...
Wouldn't it be great to be just like Flo for a bit....??  

We would just smile, nod, and not have to worry about anything as our head was made of ...plastic....and it would be empty? 

My Secret Sister shares my profession...teaching....and I have a few other dear sweet colleagues that I am thinking of tonight and this post /prayer is for them as well. 

Lord, I want to be like Flo...this plastic doll that sits upon my shelf right now.  She smiles, she has no cares and she has no worries.  She only has to smile and look all pretty.  Lord, only YOU can make me look pretty.  Lord, I want to look pretty for YOU...I want your light to shine OUT of me that others may see it. 

Lord, I pray this eve for my Secret Sister and the other wonderful woman I know who teach, I hold them up in prayer.  Lord, FCAT is around the corner,  reports cards will be coming out, and we approach the 1/2 way mark.  Lord, many of us TAKE on our students and make them ours for the 180 days we get them.  Lord, that is HARD when we see more and more, how some of them are not being read too, not being listened to, and not being shown a love for YOU.  Lord, ONLY YOU can change that.  Lord, I ask on behalf of my Secret Sister and all of the teachers I know - do a wonderful work through us.  Do something grand, may our lives reflect YOU and one day, those students will want what we have.  Lord, help us to keep our tempers in check, help us to remember the parents we have ARE sending us their best, and help us to have empathy for everyone within our room.  Lord, I thank you for the opportunity  to touch lives of  others.  Lord, I know the law says to keep church and state separate but may my life and the lives of the women I share this profession with,  shine with you that our students notice.  Lord, I ask a blessing upon each and every one of those, there, and wherever.  Lord, I also say a special prayer for my own daughter who is going to be starting her practicum soon.  It may only be one day a week, but she will be touching lives, may YOU shine through her as well. 
Now Lord, we thank you- for this opportunity, amen.

PS Lord,  I really don't want to be Flo, I enjoy being able to think and make choices and decide to share you when I want.  And Lord, when I smile, YOU are one of the many reasons...that I smile and thank you for the other reasons why I smile too.  Lord,  may my Secret Sister...each time she sees Flo on TV or a Progressive commercial -- think of this post and know, she is doing  YOUR work. Bless us --in our 'public' schools.  Amen.

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