Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday....Day #24...

Lord, today there are many of my sisters in Christ in pain...feeling hurt...grieving the loss of a child....hurting because of a husband that does not believe....hurting because of a child that has gone back to drinking....hurting because they don't have the funds needed for bills....Oh Lord, today  I came across this scripture -- Deuteronomy are commanding us to do...and it is not to be too difficult for me or beyond my reach...

Lord, for my Secret Sister today and for my other sisters in Christ...and for me too.  I thank you for the blessings and restoration you are doing in my life and with my family, and because of that growth and change that I have seen, my faith grows.. and I won't allow the Enemy to lie or cause me to doubt..but my sisters in Christ and my Secret Sister may be struggling today with unbelieve and doubt, I pray your blood would be enough and that they would seek you and realize what it says in your word, that you won't command anything in us or for us that is not too hard or beyond our reach.  Amen.  Heal Lord,  REstore.  I believe you - may they.  Amen.

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