Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday, Secret Sister Prayer # 27

2 Time 1.7
"God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid but a spirit of power and love and self-control".

Oh, Lord..... thank you for yesterday and the therapy where YOU confirmed many thoughts and feelings through our counselor but thank you for letting it be for me.  Lord,  YOU know I want YOU to shine at all times, but I am a work in progress and I need help too.  Thank you for another healing in certain areas and personal parts that only YOU and I know needed healing.  And now Lord, help me to live in that healing and not allow the Enemy to steal my joy.  Lord, you are an amazing Father......tremendous.

Lord, you did not give me a spirit that makes me afraid ....that is the Enemy.  Lord, the counselor asked me to begin to work on this fear of some things that are still invading my head.  Lord, I love my parents and have NO regrets of how I was raised but wow..how our childhood does effect how we look at things, how we think, and how we feel.  But, Lord, YOU knew that.  Thank you.  Lord, help me now, as I said to live without that fear.  Lord, with this will come a feeling of power and self-control.  Lord, hold my tongue when it needs to be held, have me speak when I need to speak and help me begin this 'dance' of communication with my husband that our counselor speaks about.  But Lord, I also want that 'dance' with the ladies you bring into my path, with the young women who ask things of me...and with my children.  Lord, I want to  be led by you and be so full of you..that you lead out always.  Always.

Lord, this is one of the praises...that I have sisters that love ya, and this prayer could be for any of my friends and sisters as well...that is the beauty of prayer Lord,  may THOSE that need this, read it and be blessed.  Amen.  
And Lord, thank you -- for making this next part of the therapy so very clear.  So now Lord, as I think and ponder about my Secret Sister....Lord, I pray that as each day comes, she will have a clear direction as to what to do to seek her healing.  Yesterday Lord, I asked that if she needed professional therapy, that she would seek it.  Lord, I know you can work through anything.  You even work through a Harley bike and you do wonders.  I stand amazed at 'what' YOU have pulled together in just the past two months.  But, I can be happy and know you are healing cause I am seeing many good things...Lord, that she will be seeing many good things and that it will increase her faith.  Lord, that she is not afraid and if she is, that she would seek you.  Lord, I pray she would not have a spirit of fear but of power as she seeks you and seeks total healing.  I know Lord, you will heal her.  I know you are faithful and good all the time.  I know you are a tremendous God and  I pray for my Secret Sister today...and her husband, and her kids, and her job..may each part of her life change  ......and let her sit in 'my place' in one year and go whoa....Oh Lord, I am so blessed.  Bless her today.

Lord, I also remember a sweet lady's husband today, healing from a stroke,  Lord, touch. I also remember a sweet lady who is grieving...comfort.....and I have may more requests...that you know of, I lay them at your feet.  Lord, I trust you.  And I will end with some praises.....Lord, I praise you for my church and its family.  Lord, I praise you for answered prayer, for the smile on my face, for my sweet friends I have and for the love I have been shown - daily - since..I was born.  Lord, for healing.  Lord I praise you for loving me enough to wait -- 44 years until I finally understood that I loved you -- first.  Period.  Lord, thanks.  Amen.

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