Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012...Day #18

A prayer for my Secret Sister.....

Lord, today was Sunday.  Lord today in church I was reminded of how you never remember our past. That is hard to understand most times.  I mean there are times when I want to be invisible and I sort of think I won't 'get' caught at something  and at that time I believe that I won't be found out.  If that makes sense...then I sort of think you will forget that...etc.  I may not be communicating this very well....but, to really believe that you do forget our sins and our past and love us inspite of the hurt we cause you...well, it is just VERY hard to imagine.  It is hard to believe.  Lord, I pray this evening for my Secret Sister, I am thinking she is won't forgive or forget her past....or maybe she is thinking that you have forgotten her and the hurt she is experiencing.  I am unsure.  I have not clue what her day was like today, but YOU do.  I don't know what area of her life needs encouragement, but YOU do.  Lord, I don't even have an real confirmation that she is reading these prayers each day...but YOU do.  Lord, today you blessed me at church with a Pastor that reminded us that YOU forget our past. When we allow YOUR blood to cover our sins...YOU really do forget them.  Lord, today a very sweet man made my day by letting me know that he appreciated me.  And today Lord, I was reminded that we are so loved.  Lord, I pray that her husband was sweet to her today.  Lord, I pray that she knows she is deeply loved.  And Lord, I pray her family shows her appreciation.  Lord...those sweet delights keep me focused and it encourages me to continue.  Lord, I pray that she is getting the delights (that is what I call them) that she needs to increase her faith.  Lord, I pray she will believe that her healing, her complete healing is very close, but Lord, help her to understand that it is a process.  It will take time.  Lord, she is yours, and I love her as a sister in Christ -- heal her Lord in every way.  Amen.

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