Friday, December 30, 2011

Saturday - Day 17--prayer....winning......

Here is a photo of my champ....His team, and it was a team effort,  won the Disney Showcase on Friday. Beating 3 State Cup Champs and teams ranked #3 and #13 in the Nation.  
  We started playing on Tuesday and each day we played and advanced a bit further.  
It was an exciting week...for many reasons.  It was the end of the year....we stayed 24 hours at the Gaylord Hotel in parents were able to see him win a game....Brendan's parents were able to see him win as well and attended the final....and even today, Brendan and I drove all over town trying to find the right internet access so we could  WATCH the game on the internet TV...just to hear the play by play and see what was said about the game.....winning...everyone loves to win......don't we? 

I got so carried away on Friday, as I saw Minnie and Mickey for a brief moment and wanted to get a photo with them but I was not fast enough.  Then after Hunter and his team won, I knew I would see Micky and be able to get a photo as last year, after the awards ceremony Micky came out and we snapped a photo with him.  But this year.....after the awards, they  ushered the kids into a make shift area with black curtains all around and guess what....parents could not see Mickey or the team.  Disney wanted us to head to the picture viewing area, see the one on the screen and then purchase it for $20......whoa.

As I walked away, mad.....God reminded me of how HE continually is speaking.  Who gave us that drive to win?  HE did.....Who knows exactly how we feel when we don't win...HE does.....and yet in our flesh, we can get so caught up in winning and in our flesh that we forget....GOD wins. 

Like I said,  this entire week has been a big blessing even when the enemy wants to intrude my thoughts and remind me of the past.  I was reminded that I must always renew my mind with HIS words.   Even at this tournament, he ( the Enemy ) will remind  me of actions and words just one year ago and yet...too bad SAtan....GOD wins.....God provided such mini blessings all over the place...we, I just have to look. 

I think that can be one of the hardest things...just to wait on God.  I used to say and still do - God's will is NOT a penalty, even though it felt like it at times.  Hang in there....I can relate.......

Ok -- that was the personal reflection -- we  ( Brendan and I ) were both so proud and happy for the entire team, they have worked so hard.  Brendan and Hunter drive 100 minutes one way to get to practice...down in Boca... Hunter continues his great grades inspite of being on the road so much and they ( the team ) deserve a win, they have worked hard, practiced and all of them have played hard since they were was nice being a winner we await to see what their National Ranking will be.....

Lord, help me to look at YOUR victory.  THIS life is temporary.   As this year comes to an end, I know my Secret Sister is probably looking forward right now to a new beginning as well as I.  Lord, heal her.  I don't have much time right this minute, but I am going to say, heal her....over and over again, as I believe you will.  Lord, and if she has thoughts that intrude....I bind them Lord, and pray she will seek YOUR words.  I know it is hard....even when I cry out, make it easy remind me to seek YOU.   I pray that she will be hopeful tonight as she celebrates with her family and I pray she will take the new year, one day at a time and look for you to win.  I know she loves you Lord,,,,,,,,,, I love you too....everything is under you Lord..Thanks.  AMen. 

Psm. 90. 14  Satisfy us Lord, in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all of our days....of and my secret sister too and anyone else who is reading this.  Amen.

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