Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prayer 13....Tuesday, December 27th

Our Father which art in heaven....hallowed be thy name...thy kingdom come thy will be done....HIS will is perfect for us, period.  HE can heal, HE can restore and HE can make all things new.
Lord, today I have been thinking, praying and asking what the focus of my prayer should be for my Secret Sister .....and I believe it is just this -- Lord, I am praying for her.  Lord, I pray for her family, her heart, her head, and her physical as well as her emotional healing.  Lord, I bind the Enemy and pray that he does not bother her one bit more.  Lord, I pray that as she seeks you, a peace which surpasses all understanding falls upon her.  Lord, I thank you for her and her life.  Lord, I know you can heal her - thank you for allowing me to ask.  Lord, YOU are the perfect friend and I find such comfort to know that YOUR son Jesus has been at your right hand side all this time.....interceding for her.  YOU are Lord, and we thank you. Amen.

To my Secret Sister.... God loves you!

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