Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday...Day #12 Secret Sister Prayer

It really bothered me that I was unable to get to the computer and GET on to post Day 12's prayer.  That was yesterday...however,  God gave me a sweet reminder last night when I fussed about the 'choice' of restaurant my cousin picked to eat at.. HE knew....HE knew I would see you and that it would bless me so to see your smile.  My dear pal and Pastor/mentor reminded me today in a post he did that God ordains each and every moment....every moment.  HE knows exactly what is going to transpire and what is our best.  On Christmas Day, someone stated, 'well, God will get you'... and I though---HE does not 'get us' ...WE get us.. WE have free will... we put ourselves in situations and  then we cry out to God to get us out of them.  And yet, HE knew exactly what choice we would make and yet, HE loves us anyway and HE is there, when we call upon HIM and HE then brings beauty out of ashes. HE knew my relative would though that comment out and HE knew that it would effect me profoundly.  I used to think, "God will get me...or you may deserve that consequence because you did not follow God."    I was VERY judgmental.  I was very righteous....but not in a godly way.  It took several situations over a long period of time to really break me....God watched...cause  HE knew that eventually I would seek HIM totally and for the right reasons.  Yesterday when my flesh fussed as I did not wish to eat 'mexican', HE gently reminded me, HE has every step ordained.

To my Secret Sister.....HE has every one of your steps measured and ordained as well. HE has you -- and HE knows.

Lord, I come to you as I prayed for my sweet sister yesterday and I was blessed by her hug and smile and her beauty... YOU have her Lord.  You  will heal her......You will make a way when there seems to be no other way.....I thank you Lord.  Amen.

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