Friday, December 30, 2011

Secret Sister Prayer #16 -Friday, December 30.

Lord, today...several times....the Enemy really tried to get in to my head..........and I would stop and renew my mind.

Then it would happen again.  My flesh would 'want' to go backwards and experience a little fleshy pity and yet the Spirit within me...would not allow it.

So Lord, I am reminded today that this life we are in, this journey...until we are called home, is not going to be easy but we must stay focused and always...always...look to the hope we have in YOU..not in those around us or our own  flesh.

So, that is the focus of my prayer this ever for my secret sister.....

Lord, I come to you and am I so so thankful for this opportunity to be able to pray for another.  Lord,  I believe that today YOU just needed me to know that YOU are still in the midst of all of my life.  So Lord, I pray that she understands this and she too has experienced  this oneness with you.  Lord, there are going to be many hard days in front of her....she will take two steps forward and then 1 step back.  She will question most everything, and she will want to quit...but I pray a strength in her to hear YOu and to seek YOU in all around her so that she will ....want to see this to the end and be totally healed!  Lord, YOU do tremendous things, but what you do within the heart is the most blessed event.  I thank you Lord.  I also remind her this evening that she will be healed, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and people will notice Lord......and the glory will be given to YOU.  Amen.

Please let her know, she is deeply loved.

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