Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prayer #8

Oh Lord fix my eyes on you.  I read a devotional today based on Psalm 108 and it speaks about keeping our eyes fixed on you.  When we fix our gaze and fix our future on HIM...HE can fix us.   Lord, I come to you this eve.....I have thought and prayed for my secret sister and several other people today.  Lord, I want to obey your command and pray without ceasing.  I thank you for answered prayer with one friend. I spoke to her at 10am and she needed a new spot to do her work, by 1pm, you had provided that.  Instant.  I like those kind of instant prayers.  It is great for our have a quick answer.  Lord, I have also read a few older posts today and marveled at how desperate I was at times, how needy, and how thankful.  You have and continue to do so much but it has not been instant.  It takes faith to wait on you.  So, I believe that is what I am to remind my secret sister tonight.  Wait on the Lord, my sweet woman of God...wait on HIM.  HIS answer to your cries is in the works but it may not seem instant.  Trust HIM.  HE loves you and wants the BEST for you and your kids, your husband and your family....we must keep the faith.  I trust you enjoyed your day 'off' and as you prepare with your family to celebrate the coming of Jesus -- may this Christmas remind you that HE is the reason for the season.  As I have already told you -- you will enjoy the month of December again, it was promised.  Hang in there.  Lord, be with her this eve.  Amen.

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