Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 14....Prayer for my Secret Sister... ME TOO..

This prayer is going to be quick.....but I am going to pray it all day..... "me too".   The photo represents a sweet thing.  I was getting photos of nephews and nieces before I headed home to Florida and this one came to me and said, 'mee too'...He is a sweetie, his name is Bryce.  The other morning, we, Bren and I were trying to sleep for the last few minutes before our day had to begin.  It was a day to get up, get going and then head to soccer.....Bren kept hitting the snooze and we were spooning...and he apologized for hitting the alarm for the 5th time.."no need to apologize, I am loving the cuddling"  is what I said and he said, "me too".  Those words......awesome.

God wants a 'me too'...HE wants to be with us constantly, calling on HIM I will on behalf of my Secret Sister today -- HE will win!

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