Friday, December 23, 2011

Secret Sister Prayer #9 Today was HARD.....

Hello my friend.  Today I found myself sitting at lunch with my mom and a sweet friend and the chatter turned to nephew.  I love him.  I know that I know he is in heaven.  My sister, even though it has been 3 years now has good and bad days.   Something that can be so small....will set it off and then again, a person can say something and have no idea and it sparks an emotion.  I am aware that today...  a few years ago you too lost someone dear.  As the chatter continued, my mom shared a story about my nephew.  You see, my sister and her husband and several other people still feel that Blake contacts them, contacts her.  I won't get into the details.  The stories and 'stuff' that happens is pretty incredible.  Part of me really wants to believe it  but a big part of me wants to believe that Blake and your loved one are SO happy being with Jesus and they have NO concept of time that they are not even worried or needing to contact us.  And yet... as my mom shared the story with my friend, my friend shared what she believes and she believes that Blake did make contact.  It comforts my mom, my sister and many makes me think.  But today, I want to tell you that may be struggling with some sort of contact as well.... and this is what I do know - God knows.  God is in control and I  tend to want to think that God, in HIS infinite wisdom...does allow us the comfort we need and some of us need to have that contact....or a story... or maybe some of us just need to be reminded that our loved ones ARE with Jesus.  I felt today that....I believe that God just wants to remind you, that your daddy is in heaven.  Period.  YOU will see him again.  And I do believe he is aware of you, as my nephew is aware of us, but there is NO sadness there.

Lord,  my prayer is simple this evening...on the eve of Christmas.....comfort.  Wrap your arms around my friend so tightly that she sleeps well this eve.  Lord, I have claimed YOUR healing for her heart, her physical strength and for her family ....every relationship.  May tomorrow be a renewed and blessed day as she enjoys the knowledge that YOUR son came so that we might live.  We thank you for that.  Amen.

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