Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Secret Sister Prayer #6

Matthew 21.22 says:   If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.

Lord, my sweet sister needs a gentle reminder today that when we come to you, you will answer.  Lord, we have asked in prayer and we claim healing for her in all areas.  It is THAT simple.  Lord, I pray for my sister in Christ.  Amen. 

Kind of short -- right?   Yesterday I had a personal day.  I did something for myself that I have never done before.  As I sat or laid down in the doctor's office...I could not help but think about how fragile our lives are.    And yet, we can put our trust in Doctors that may not be total strangers, but...in a sense they are.  So why then is it tough or hard to really TRUST God with everything.  Every little thing.  God watches everything, HE knows everything.  It is hard to fathom, but when we really put our whole trust in HIM, our lives do change.  It took me a long time...some 44 years to truly see that I DID NOT trust HIM.  I am now thankful that when I get anxious...I have a prayer sister or friend that reminds me to trust.  I prayed about trust yesterday too but I believe trusting God is one of the hardest things --it requires much faith.  WE are given the  perfect amount of faith...we just have to exercise it and believe it.  We can also pray for more faith.  I do that often.    Anyway, in not trusting....could it be that I am  worshiping my problem instead of worshiping HIM.   Just a thought. 

To my secret sister.....YOu have been heavy on my heart all day again.  Maybe today was extra stressful for you, but God wants you to know, HE is going to heal you.  Believe.  Ask HIM right now for the comfort that ONLY HE can give. 

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