Thursday, December 22, 2011

who is WISGALINOKEE ...???

So who is this WisGalinOkee....well, she is a gal in Okeechobee...ha ha ha ha ha ha .....feeling a little silly this eve.  For the FIRST time in my 45 years.....I invited my folks over to my house ( our rental ) for  supper and a movie that I ordered on the TV.

Really?  Yes REally.  This is a FIRST!!!!    Incredible.  Just saying, this sort of thing has never happened.  I moved out of the house right when I could....went to married....moved away.....and well, now my parents are at the point where they can visit and 'leave' the farm.  They no longer farm.  My mom works part-time at Wal-Mart and my dad works for a bigger farm operation doing field work but they gave up farming many years ago.

They drove down for Christmas.  They visited our other home  a few times and I had them for dinner once but their visits never really were long enough or I guess maybe I just didn't make the time to have them over.  For the past 10 years or so, I did not have a 'guest' room.  I still don't and in this rental -- there is hardly enough space for us, much less visitors so my sister has gotten the family visitors for many years now.  She is better at entertaining anyway.

So, anyway, we had supper, ordered a movie and made popcorn.  Just a simple night, but a FIRST.

I marvel at how God can take the most simple event...and make it such a sweet memory.  We sat around, kidded, and Taylor and I bantered back and forth.  We enjoyed a great movie... I had to learn how to put the CC on as they all were a bit hard of hearing, but it was fun.  It was simple fun.

God wants our simple fun.  HE just wants to have our complete attention and I am sure that HE relishes when we just simply come to HIM.   A scripture verse from Psalm 108 really hit me today, it was about  OH God fix my eyes on you.... it really spoke to me.  When we really fix our eyes on HIM....other things that seem important ...don't seem that important anymore.  When we really fix our eyes on HIM...HE has the chance to fix us.

They headed home, to my sister's house. I am not sure what tomorrow will bring.  They are here on vacation but seem to want to spend time with, I would want to be poolside not speaking to anyone.  But, this is what they simple attention.

Lord, as the holiday approaches, forgive me for not just simply coming to you.  Lord, you are always there...always just simple and never overbearing.  YOU love from afar and right here.  I think I will say I am sorry until I see you ...sorry it took me so long to really realize how much YOU loved me and how much I really did not love or understand about loving you.  Thank you for the wait ...thank you for just simply loving....may I never forget.  Thank you for tonight.  I can't wait to see what simple joy you will provide tomorrow.  I love you Lord.  thanks.....


PS, this Wisconsin Gal that has been in Okeechobee now more than she was ever in Wisconsin.....just loves being YOUR girl... but it is just too hard to change the name of this ya!

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