Monday, January 16, 2012

Day #32

Dear Lord,  today is YOUR day.  Lord today is Sunday.  Lord, YOU show me continually how much you love me by doing such simple things.  Today YOU provided a new solution to a situation in our lives.  Quite frankly, I want to shout EXACTLY what you did this was/is just a GOD thing but it must remain a big private for a time.  However,  YOU clearly showed me, that YOU give the or YOU answer the secret prayers of our hearts.  Sometimes it is just a thought ..but all of a sudden I am aware that it was a secret prayer..a secret prayer that was only special to me...and YET it was so special.  And YOU did it.  Which just reminds me - YOU know what is best.  YOU are the best friend and daddy a girl could want.  Lord,  I pray that my sweet sister could experience this.  I wish many of my friends would also experience this...they can, I know it if they truly seek you with everything and watch for you to speak.  Lord, I believe you are healing her as I type...Lord, that her secret prayers are answered and she would feel such a joy. Amen.

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