Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday, Day #25 ..the pea patch....

Today, Dr. Gaulden spoke about 2 Samuel 23 and Shammach  and what he did.  Did you know his name means  desolate?  Can you imagine naming your child desolate?  There is power is words....and you name a child desolate?  Anyway, he was about to be attacked by the Philistines...did I spell that right?  And he made a decision, to take a stand and stand there, right in the middle of his lentils..or pea patch and believe that the Lord would be with him...and he defeated his enemy and the Lord did a great work.....

This am, the Enemy really tired to remind me of his lies...He tried to tell me that I had NO right to pray for others......that I was not worthy of that.  No way.  Jesus died for me.  Jesus gave me all authority to pray for others.  Jesus intercedes for me and whomever I pray for.  So, in the instant he began to lie, I did what I do best....I took a stand and declared that I have the right and authority to cast the enemy out.  I did.

Then about 20 min. later, Dr. Gaulden began his message and told us about Shammach.  Confirmation.  Wow.  I just love it when God does me the confirmation SO FAST that I can't doubt.    This really touched me really did.  I think it is my new catch phrase...I am taking a stand in the pea patch...and the Lord will wrought a victory!  

HE wins.    I was feeling pretty 'smart'...and full of Christ. Well, humbled, that HE loves me THIS much...some lessons that so time to learn.  But, HE knew that.

So, now is day #25.  I asked God what to pray today for my Secret Sister...and I believe HE just wanted me to share my revelation of today....

Lord, I am taking a stand..and standing in the pea patch with my Secret Sister...I believe she will be healed,  I believe her family will see a new creation in Christ.  I believe she can have total peace in her head, her heart, and her body.  Lord,  YOU are a gracious and loving Father, she is missing her own father and Lord, I pray that she will find great comfort in knowing that he, her father, is with Jesus himself this evening.  Lord, I pray and know that her healing is taking place, but the enemy will continue to taunt her and make her doubt, I cast out that doubt this evening in your name.  Lord, there are other women that I can mention right now...that are struggling to take a stand..Lord, I pray they would be like Shammach, even when it seems so desolate, I pray they will seek you.  Amen.

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