Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The NEXT prayer.....Day #34...

Psalm 34

The Message (MSG)

** First of all, I just MUST say...God is good and ALL the time.  Today I was blessed in so many ways..stupid ways..but secret ways...and I got to share a few with the people around me and the rest I just have to leave in my memory....but over and over again, HE just blessed my socks off. 

Want to know a crazy blessing?   For the past 3 years...about...I have been like GLUED to Beth Moore's blog.  Well, maybe not 3 total years.  But, I would seek it, read, and live on every post.  Many of my peers and friends would attest to getting 'cards' with her advice and references to her posts.  It was like I NEEDED her guidance...but in reality.. I needed God's.  Anyway, slowly I began to wean my self off of her ... and I soaked in and obsessed over my next counselor and buddy -- a dear woman named Carlie ...and then it was another lady....Linda....and then it was....see my pattern......I kept reaching and striving for words  - human affirmation, but what I needed and craved the MOST was HIS affirmation.  Slowly HE began to show me that HE used these women and others  -- yes, there are a dozen more -- to speak to me and as I began to seek God more, things just really began to fall into place. 

You see, that really is or was my problem... I did not trust and really seek HIM.  Of course many things happened...but...it really was because God was getting my attention.  HE has it.  I love HIM.  And I get so blessed when just the simple knowledge that ...yes, Beth Moore sold her house this past year and moved too ..well, it just made me LAUGH....it was sort of like, 'hey....michelle,  see, I moved Beth too...change is good'....Does that make sense?  Maybe not.. but.....

I really asked God 'what' I was to write about and pray about for today -- Day #34.. and HE reminded me of Psm. 34..actually, it was sort of an afterthought...but I remembered that Psm. 34 would bring comfort on the nights that were just too hard.    And I am sure that I will read that Psalm again..over and over....as, I have stated before..life stinks and the Enemy will continue to throw crud...it is kind of nice to know, God wins and perhaps the next time the crud comes a flinging....I won't let it get me too sad or in a snit..but I will know that I know..God will win. 

My Pastor says,  people are usually,  either...coming out of  a season, going into a season. ..or just in between.....I believe and have said it...I am sort of IN the middle of a season...I am not where I was, but I am not where I am going either...and right now...I am just blessed and humbled for the continued blessings HE gives. 

I want to encourage everyone around me...don't give up! 

I am posting Psm. 34 for my Secret Sister....  I pray she will read it and personalize it...for herself. 
I believe as we are now on Day #34...we have six more days until Day #40 and I am believing for a great change, or miracle, or something.....I know God is at work.  I believe this is a turning point in her life and in the life of her family....God is going to do a great work..in her..in them...in all of us....we just need to be ready to accept it!  Amen. 
Psalm 34

1 I bless God every chance I get; my lungs expand with his praise.

2 I live and breathe God;

if things aren't going well, hear this and be happy:

3 Join me in spreading the news;

together let's get the word out.

4 God met me more than halfway,

he freed me from my anxious fears.

5 Look at him; give him your warmest smile.

Never hide your feelings from him.

6 When I was desperate, I called out,

and God got me out of a tight spot.

7 God's angel sets up a circle

of protection around us while we pray.

8 Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see—

how good God is.

Blessed are you who run to him.

9 Worship God if you want the best;

worship opens doors to all his goodness.

10 Young lions on the prowl get hungry,

but God-seekers are full of God.

11 Come, children, listen closely;

I'll give you a lesson in God worship.

12 Who out there has a lust for life?

Can't wait each day to come upon beauty?

13 Guard your tongue from profanity,

and no more lying through your teeth.

14 Turn your back on sin; do something good.

Embrace peace—don't let it get away!

15 God keeps an eye on his friends,

his ears pick up every moan and groan.

16 God won't put up with rebels;

he'll cull them from the pack.

17 Is anyone crying for help? God is listening,

ready to rescue you.

18 If your heart is broken, you'll find God right there;

if you're kicked in the gut, he'll help you catch your breath.

19 Disciples so often get into trouble;

still, God is there every time.

20 He's your bodyguard, shielding every bone;

not even a finger gets broken.

21 The wicked commit slow suicide;

they waste their lives hating the good.

22 God pays for each slave's freedom;

no one who runs to him loses out.

Amen...didn't this Psalm bless you so.  I remember someone stated.....David who wrote many of the Psalms..dealt with many sufferings and sadness...and he was not exactly a perfect man.  However,  God used him and loved him...if DAvid had not suffered and did what he did...we would not have the Psalms that bring great joy and comfort when needed.   So, I am thankful for David's trials..and his failures...

I am thankful for my past, as it has molded me and shaped me into who I am.  And when I say that... I am speaking of my own past...not the past of my husband..... not the past of my parents...not the past of 'what' may of been done to me....but me...MY past...MY own sin, placed Jesus on that Cross.. for that I am sinner and am so thankful that HE died for me. 

When we really humble ourselves...we can't throw the first stone...I couldn't.. I won't....there are so many hurting people and families... my prayer is that they will see Jesus in me and want what I have ..want what I believe in...may this prayer help in that - we must show mercy, we must be Jesus to others.  God wins.  Amen. 

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