Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little bit of heaven.......

I always want anything I say or be of HIM and OK with my subject area.  Brendan said I could post this...I wrote this a month ago...Now we have OVER 1000+ miles on it and I AM going to take my class in less than 2 weeks.....loving being a Harley Chic  ( NO tattoos though) and hanging out with my HDM...My Harley Davidson Man....

God is so sweet.  

To be quite honest, as a kid, I would watch how 'cool' a guy on a motorcycle was and wish...some day.  Brendan has always said, 'nothing more sexier than a blonde on the back of a bike...a good looking one' and guess what....I want to be that blonde.   I think I am that blonde.  Ha.

God uses everything and anything and when Bren kept talking more and more about getting a bike, I was like - 'go ahead, do can be a way for us to have some quality time together and chalk it up to therapy'.  That is all it took and a good sales man...and guess what, we have a bike.

Yesterday my brother stated, it takes a real man to buy the bike and THEN learn how to ride it....I said, "stupid"  and both Brendan, my brother and I laughed and laughed.  However, I give Brendan all the kudos.......he has really researched, learned, and then practiced and this photo was taken on my 2nd ride.  We have had the bike for about a month, and it already has some 600+ miles on it and the smile on his face each time he gets back from a ride or an adventure, is priceless.

God does use everything in HIS power to get our attention.  Yes, an accident would get someone's attention so I pray daily for his safety and ours.  The first people we spoke to about these bikes reminded us to wear helmets...cover our heads.  Others reminded us to wear the proper clothing, that is one of the fun parts.  And even others said, 'you will drop it one time - it will just happen', but Brendan always says, 'why does it, if you are careful'.  Etc.  Today, a new friend told me of a boy, a sweet boy of only 20 years old, died on his bike just a few days ago.  He was wearing a helmet, he was a fast rider but he was on his way to work and just like that, his tire blew and two semi's were there...there was nothing they could do.  One life went to heaven or hell.  I will pray, I did pray he went to heaven.  Brendan has said it, your life has to be RIGHT when you get on that thing...but your life has to be RIGHT when you get into a car, cross the street, or even get up....right?
I mean, we don't know when our time here is up, we need to be prepared and ready to greet Jesus at anytime.  Being on a bike, does make one think a little more towards eternity...but other things can make you ponder that too.

I pray that this bike and the NEXT one we will get ( yep, I am hooked and want to try it myself!)  will be one of the things God uses to rebuild a relationship  and I pray HE will use the bike and many other things to remind both of us...of HIM.  In reality, we need ( both of us...all of us...)  need to put Christ first, love HIM first and let HIS light shine...the rest then comes and is very sweet.

Very sweet.

I have gone out now with him about 4-5 times, I would say that each time I learn something new and each time, I feel more 'one' with the bike. It is a cool feeling...I get it ...why so many are riders and Harley chics.....ha ha.  It is a culture  that can seem like rebellion....or maybe just freedom but it is an adventure that God is using to foster new memories and fun.  Thank you Lord.

Lord, I have prayed YOUR blood all over this bike....and me....and my husband...and our family.  Lord, USE it to tell YOUR story.  USE it to rebuild.  USE it to draw us both nearer to you. And bless us Lord, with safety and fun....good fun...YOUR fun.. Lord, may YOU be glorified in it.  Amen.

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