Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 21....posting it after it has past....

Dear Lord,  Yesterday started as a good day and as the day went on....there was strife in my life, my husband's life, and I can tell there was strife in my Sister's life as well......yet, we continue.

Last night YOU spoke...these times when we don't feel like we 'get' the answers and what we expect right away are hard times, but we must continue and THIS is when our faith is tested and strengthened.  Lord, I did pray for her yesterday.....and  today....

Today is Day 22......Today is a new day.  Today, I feel  physically better and I am praying she feels better today too, because maybe it is ONLY a new day......  Just the shear fact that it is a new chance to have a new day.......  Maybe there is not something special  to be expected, or maybe there is not any event planned, but just for the fact that TODAY is YOURS...and it is a new day.   Where else can we really start over?

Like I posted a few days ago about really forgetting...yesterday is now a memory that is in the past.  The hurts can't hurt ...well, they can if we let them but I am going to choose 'no' in that...and I pray that she chooses 'no' in that today too...may yesterday's troubles NOT trouble her today.

Lord, I was just reminded in a very short little way that we, our flesh, expect and assume WAY too much.  We must let each and every situation be covered by you.  It seems that at times we get older and wiser and yet, we really don't...maybe we just get more impatient, but WHEN we do wait on you....YOU clearly show us where we are 'human' and where we should not judge, or assume.

And when we let that be covered by YOU  .....and give you the TIME needed.....and just listen, our lives are so much sweeter, easier, better, and less stressful.  Lord, today is a new day.

Lord, today I pray for my Secret Sister, Lord, I have claimed her healing.  Lord, I pray for her, her family, her job, her thoughts...etc.   everything.  Lord, I pray that she will believe and not listen to any lies today from the Enemy.  Lord, I pray she will believe that no matter what -- these 40 days are going to be a turning point.  Lord, I pray that her will lines up with yours.  Lord, I pray that she will be blessed today and see or hear something that ONLY YOU could of orchestrated and that is will bless her so and she will smile and her faith will increase and I ask that for me as well.......Today is Day 22...I love you Lord, more than anyone or anything and again, I know you love us both more.

Lord, I also pray right now for the several couples that have crossed our thoughts and lips...for their own marriages and their healing....Lord, remove scales, open eyes, may they seek their family and do the hard stuff and believe and walk in that believe that YOUR blood is enough.

Lord, I also pray right now for my own husband and his day today...that YOUR thoughts are his thoughts and YOUR guide or plan is his footsteps today.  Lord, yesterday he had a very trying day, Lord, help me not to want to FIX it..but allow you to work through it.  Lord, I pray that today, he too would see and or hear a special blessing or a solution to that problem and he will know that he knows..that could of only been orchestrated through you.

Lord, for our rental situation, I give it to you.
Lord, our semesters, ACT being taken, college offers being asked....I lay it all at your feet.
Lord, for my own family, the ones that are lost, the ones that don't realize they are lost, and the ones that think they were never lost, but maybe were never 'found' by Jesus as well....Lord, cover.

Lord, I started off we will need list, so I will end with my praise ....YOU are such a sweet friend and counsel.  Lord, YOUR blessings just fill my heart.  Lord, even the other night..just having both kids here with their friends and Brendan and I laughing and hearing the 'family' ....oh Lord, what a blessing considering at this time last year...we were preparing to separate again.  OH God I am so thankful, so thankful..YOU are glorious and this family and its restoration is because of YOUR grace and mercy.  Thank you Lord, I love you -

Lord, today is Day 22.....

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