Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Day #37, Saturday #38 Lord...

Lord, you prompted me on Friday to give my Secret Sister a great big hug.....I did.  I was reminded that we all need to be be hugged.  I remember some study that stated married couples spent about like 4-7 min a day touching...compared to what we give a baby....sort of seemed like there was a missing link.  I know when I get a hug  and physical touch, I am warm inside and feel love.  There are so many Lord that do not feel loved.  YOU love us all, but YOU can't physically hug us here..or can you?  I mean,  YOU use express and speak to us.  Lord,  that simple hug...knowing she is being loved, I believe that was the prayer for the day.

Today is Saturday, Day #38....You know I have thought most of the day as to 'what' I was to post and pray about, but here again, I believe it is just to share and remind her ..she is so dearly loved.  So loved.  Yesterday a devotional really hit me, it spoke about how we come to you and make our requests and yet, we should just come to you and soak up your presence  and that should be enough.  The 'things' that we pray for...come 2nd.  However, today's scripture reminded me, we just NEED to ask!   Lord, as I wrap up these 40 days of focused prayer, show me what is next for my beautiful sweet sister.  I know I will continue to pray for her...I know and believe she is changed because she sought you and wanted the healing to begin...I will believe that a miracle will happen.  If I don't see it right away -- that is OK...YOUR timing is perfect.  Some people get healed in an instant..others needs time, it is a process, but it is YOUR process and I trust that now.  I pray Lord, that tonight, as she lays her head down, she will stop and reflect about how much she is loved.  Loved.  I pray she feels that.

Lord, tomorrow is Sunday....tomorrow is our day to come together and celebrate you.  Lord, be with us in our service, minister, meet...Lord, for the prayers that will be petitioned tomorrow -- may they come with open hearts and ready to really let you come in and minister and heal.  Lord, I thank you.

Praise You Lord.  I probably won't even share a link for this prayer to FB..and trust that IF my secret sister is seeking - she will find the prayer posted.

She is you the most, but her husband also loves her.  He enjoys her, Lord, again I pray he sees a different person and that he wants that..a person filled with you.. a person that finds joy in her circumstance.  Lord,  bless my sweet sister this eve.   Lord, if there is any unforgiveness within her heart...may she see it clearly and seek you so that the blessing will flow.   Amen.

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