Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day #17 -- Expectations and an extra blessing!

hello -- good evening -- today is Wednesday --

It has been a crazy week again.  FCAT is over, but our lives have gotten OUT OF ORDER in my classroom so today was a day where I had to go back and 'real' them in....refresh everyone about rules...and remind everyone that we STILL have more school.  Remind them of what I expected when they returned from Culture or Science class....remind them of what I expected within their writing!


I found this:   "True faith is never found alone: it is always accompanied by expectation.  the man who believes the promises of God expects to see them fulfilled.  Where there is no expectation there is no faith."   - AW Tozer 

In Therapy....I was told, "DO NOT expect...therefore, I would not be disappointed".  

Two different perspectives - right?

But, when dealing with other makes sense - don't expect, so that I won't be disappointed, but with God...with our FATHER.....expect, as HE is perfect and through HIM all things are possible.

God reminded me of expectations.    Brendan and my kids have certain expectations of me.  Hunter had to rent his TUX for Prom and I expected it to cost about $100 - boy was I WRONG!   $165 instead!!   Taylor is expected to FINISH a paper this eve by 11: 59pm and submit it for her final.  ( Can she do it?  I prayed for her! )   My students were writing blogs today and adding photos and one of the kids captured me in his photo and I expected to LIKE it...I did not - too many wrinkles!  Do I really look like that???   I had to fix that by finding a photo from almost a year ago where I FEEL I look -- acceptable!   LOL

 And I am expected to be in bed early and back at work by 7am tomorrow.  We can't avoid expectations - but praise God we can rely on HIM and HIS promises.

Expectations!   God's promises are expected and it is by faith that we believe - it will happen.  Amen!   
God's beauty and wonder is so so so so  around me......I have seen and witnessed some major miracles that my faith is a bit stronger than it was some 4-5 years ago.  

I have been in a situation where I needed to expect that GOD would fulfill HIS promise to me -- that was the ONLY way I could move forward day by day or ever go to sleep at night.  But I also had to expect that IF HE choose not to move another in this ONE PARTICULAR direction that HE would make sure HIS promises would still be true!  I had to be willing to be moved, to be accept what GOD expected for me!   ( That was the HARDEST part! and I think that is why it took soo long at times...cause God was waiting on me to TRUST HIM!)  
Praise God.  

Many need a fresh spirit of anticipation that springs out of the promises of God...many need to declare war on the mood of non-expecation, and come to HIM with a child like faith....only then can we know again of the beauty and wonder of the Lord around us...- I wish I thought of that  but that was AW Tozer again! 

 Our faith creates miracles.  

God wins.  
God heals.
God fights for us. 

I got a little frustrated and mad at God for a few days -- as it seems like certain prayers were being ignored.  I asked forgiveness.  I know that is not so...HE is at work and in the midst of it all.  I believe that.  

I expect HIM to come to the aid of the Christian sister's that inspired this blog. 
I expect HIM to answer prayer.
I expect HIM to comfort me and the ones  I am thinking of THIS moment - comfort in only a way HE can.  
I expect HIM to bring peace in a troubled spirit.
I expect HIM to remind a young girl...that one day ...she WILL see her mother in a different light and in a new found faith and expectation of God's blessings.  
I expect HIM to restore a family.
I expect HIM to redeem a reputation.
I expect HIM to give her the job back or a better job.
I expect HIM to speak to her as she is so hungry to hear from HIM.
I expect HIM to open his eyes so that he will apologize and make things right.
I expect HIM to vindicate the hurt.
I expect HIM to teach her new and many things. 
 I expect HIM to heal her and get rid of that cancer once and for all.
I expect HIM to ease her fear as she goes to the doctor to see about her indentation in her chest.
I expect HIM to heal the one with ovarian cancer and heal her completely.
I expect HIM to help me ease into the last 29 days.
I expect HIM to show up mighty at the intimate mother/daughter brunch that we are praying about.
I expect HIM to give me direction.
I expect HIM to make a new bride feel a bit better.
I expect HIM to guide a new mother into her new role.
I expect HIM to keep her healthy and cancer free.
I expect HIM to comfort her as she is now without her husband.
I expect HIM to protect her.
I expect HIM to lead her to a new understanding ...that she may need to swallow her pride.
I expect HIM to show him...he is the one that needs repentance - not the rest of the family.
I expect HIM to bless them - abundantly! 
I expect HIM to love each and everyone of them - unconditionally and...
I expect to DO my best to be Christlike...and pray fervently! 

HE placed the stars in the heaven....we are joint heirs with HIM /Jesus on that throne because I have died to myself and asked HIM to be IN me...
I expect HIM to continue to work 'death' in me and 'life' in other areas. 
I expect HIM to discipline me when needed and to be my ROCK of refuge.
I expect to see all those 7000 promises within HIS word in fruition one day!  


PS....I don't expect my husband to do things for me anymore.  I don't expect him to call leave me a note, or do the romantic stuff I LONGED for ...longed for...longed for...but guess what - he surprises me here and there.  And I thank God for that.  
I thank God that God has taught me to put HIM first, to seek God for all of my 'needs' and then Brendan is off the hook and he can be sweet to me - when the Holy Spirit leads him to.  
In fact, I need to get off this computer and do something extra nice for him - like iron a few shirts...LOL 
God wins.
Hang in there - if you are a total stranger and reading this and it touched you or if you love and read this  every once in a while...I would LOVE to hear how YOU sought God in expectation and I would LOVE to hear how God faith - michelle 

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