Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day #19, Day #20...Day # 21....

Amazing to stop and just ponder on WHAT we depend  upon.
The Internet has escaped me for a few days.  It was 'off' at home before we left for Jax and some soccer games and it was 'off' at the hotel too.

So, did I use that time to read more?    Think more?  Pray more?   Yes and yes and no and yes and no...funny how you get used to technology and then you must readjust.

However, that is the way it is with many things.
You get in a rut or get used to things and then you must make an effort to change.

That happens with my students.  That happened in my marriage.  That happened in my relationship with God.  

I have enjoyed this weekend, we are not actually in JAX  but in Palm Coast.  A BEAUTIFUL area between Flager Beach and St. Augustine Beach.   Brendan and I took a drive up along the coast and made a 'date' for coming back with the Harley as the ocean is right along the road and the coast reminds one of California with the short beach and the rocky coast.

We watched HP and his team defeat a team from the West Cost of Florida and now we are going to the fields to watch them play another team and advance - Lord willing - to the Final Four of the State Cup.

This is a big deal.

We have prayed for our church family back in Okeechobee and prayed over HP with his ankle...he got clobbered by another player of the opposite team and it looks like a bad sprain!  

And now....we will head into the sun...

But first....if you have been following this 40 days of prayer - I hope that in my 'absence' of posting...YOU prayed  and YOU journaled your heart before HIM or on paper....I pray that HE met you right where you needed...and that you FELT HIS Presence!  

My prayers were on and off for the past few days as our schedule was a whack....

But basically it was ...'do it Lord, use me Lord, I love you Lord...' amen.

I will be posting later today -- God spoke and 'disciplined' me this weekend too -- how I LOVE that...I believe it means...I am highly a parent it is hard to discipline but I do it cause I love them...

HE loves me so -- that I know.

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